How to Choose the Best Paving Company in Edmonton?

December 20, 2021

Pavement is a solution that offers quicker and smoother rides, giving more protection to travellers. Areas that are not paved can face severe consequences. Wind, rain, and other undue weather conditions can affect such surfaces, where fixing them can prove to be a nightmare.

Once the decision for undergoing pavement has been taken, the real challenge takes charge. This involves choosing the right paving company to convert your woes into happy endings. There are a lot of things that require your attention so that you don’t regret your decision later on.

Remember that paving is an extensive process and involves a set of steps and a precise amount of material. If you opt for less reputable services, the paving contractor might tend to cut on essential steps in an effort to save money. Moreover, if a company is not experienced, it might not be able to guide you on important factors such as flow of traffic, the usage on a daily basis, etc.

So to avoid any mishaps later on, we have compiled some tips that will help you make bold moves in the right direction.

Take the aid of customer reviews

Falling into a scam is a big turn-off when selecting a paving company. Make sure your chosen contractor has a website with well-defined services. It is always advisable to read customer reviews of different paving companies in Edmonton. This will help you to identify any areas of concern and make wise decisions as there are so many options in the market. It will also enable you to select the best service as per your preference and requirements.

Moreover, the online presence and customer experiences can also help you prepare the right questions you might want to ask in your initial conversation. This will further strengthen the process, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Inquire about the knowledge and experience of the company

The selection process is incomplete if you do not determine the experience of the company and its projects. Communication is an essential factor here. Make sure your shortlisted company knows its job well and has years of experience in similar ventures. For example, if your project involves commercial paving, then a company that completed residential projects may not be a viable option.

It is always advisable to look at references from previous clients and also ask about the recent projects completed by the same contractor in your area. This will eliminate your chances of taking the wrong step.

Ask if the contractor is insured

The top paving companies are insured. The best thing is to ask about the insurance coverage upfront to avoid any hassles in the future. This documentation is important as it protects their team and equipment, and your property.

If a paving company is not insured, it will give you a lower price, and this is where you have to keep yourself alert. This is because your homeowners policy would then be used in case of an accident or any other mishap. So be careful and try to detect and avoid this hidden fee by inquiring about the insurance of the company right away.

Pay attention to the type of equipment that will be used

It is also important to consider the tools and machinery the paving company will be using. Inquire about their performance and how long they have been using these. Asphalt needs to be placed quickly to prevent seams or any areas for water resulting in cracks. So, make sure your chosen contractor uses the most up-to-date machinery and equipment, leading to the successful completion of the job.

Analyze the size of the team

Another important thing that needs your close attention is the number of crew members that will be working on the pavement project. Confirming this, in the beginning, saves you from facing problems as some asphalt paving companies are specialists only in certain paving services. The average asphalt paving team should comprise of 5-8 workers, depending on the project size.

In case the company is understaffed, this is a red flag as this will hinder the outcome of your project, along with causing a delay in the completion. So your job is to find a company that has an experienced and well-trained crew to assure the best possible final driveway and that too on time.

Examine the materials used

You might not know that asphalt has different grades as it’s recycled again and again. This means that there are different percentages of materials in their structure. You need to be careful as a low-grade asphalt can impact the appearance as well as durability of your new road. Therefore, it is recommended that you request and ensure that high-grade asphalt is used in the construction process.

Select a company that maintains transparent communication

A good reputation is very important, but along with that, you need transparent communication at every step of the project. The right company focuses on the requirements of the customer from the beginning. They will respond to your queries in a timely manner.

Another important thing to note here is that a good contractor will perform a site visit before providing an estimate. He will also discuss the job preparation, drainage requirements, and asphalt thickness before taking on the job. Also, make sure to define the scope of work at the start only to avoid any issues later on.

Access your range and choose a pocket-friendly solution

A general psyche is to select a company that has low prices. But this is not always the best bet. You need to assess and then go for a contractor in Edmonton that comes within your range. For this purpose, watch for competitive pricing. Many elements like equipment quality, type of mixture used, project size and complexity, etc., could potentially affect pricing. So jot down your preferences and then take the decision accordingly.

Final Words

A paving project is a long-term investment and so choosing the best company in Edmonton is a challenge in itself. Look for a contractor that focuses on your preference so that your driveway is made as expected.

There is no room for errors here, so your homework should start way before the project. Conduct thorough research, call different acquaintances and ask around. This will assist you in making the perfect decision for your paving contractor.

Also, make sure you give special attention to the tips mentioned above. If you still feel hesitant, it is better to speak directly to the contractor and the team. These ideas will guarantee that you hire a high-quality company in Edmonton and enjoy the fruits for years to come.


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