How To Design A Ducted Air Conditioning System

December 21, 2021

An air conditioning system is a modern-day luxury that can truly bring comfort and relief. One may even argue that having a fully functional air conditioning system is a necessity in most homes and workplaces nowadays. Now that you've looked into having an air conditioning system installed into your space and have since then concluded that a ducted one suits your needs, here's a basic guide on what you need to consider next. Visit  Terra Bloom For the perfect Air Duct incline fans

Consult A Professional

Having an air-conditioning system installed is not an easy job. If you're looking into designing one yourself it may help you immensely if you consult with a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist first. They are well-versed in constructing HVAC structures and are thus equipped with all the sophisticated tools necessary in assembling ducted air conditioning systems. Expert outputs allow you to guarantee that your designs are precise and, therefore, able to do their task.

Know The Parts

Designing your own ducted air conditioning system requires a great deal of caution and attention to detail. The specifics needed in designing one can be complicated, and it is thus crucial that you first know all the parts and terms involved when creating one. The following are examples of basic components you would need for your unit.

  • Indoor fan coil unit - is a device used to propagate hotness or coolness into the unit with a coil.
  • Ductwork - are a system of conduits that propagate or remove air in the unit.
  • Zone controller - is a device that oversees airflow in each room. It primarily allows you to custom-fit a room's temperature to your liking from the inside.
  • Air diffuser - is an instrument used to control an HVAC system's fluid velocity and static pressure.
  • Condenser unit - is the outdoor unit of your duct system responsible for removing heat from your space, which allows it to be cooled.
  • Return air grille and filter - is the component of the unit that allows air to return to your system.

Do The Mathematics

To ensure that your unit can efficiently operate at its maximum capacity, you must accurately calculate all the mathematics involved. Doing the math right also ensures that your unit will operate safely. Below are some of the key figures you must calculate for when designing your rudimentary layout.

  • Heating and cooling capacity - simply put, is the amount of heating or cooling loads each unit produces.
  • Cubic Feet Per Minute - (CFM) is the most common way to measure airflow. It determines how many cubic feet of air pass by a space every minute.
  • Air duct velocity - pertains to the measure of air velocity generated in each duct.
  • Friction Rate - refers to the dynamic air pressure loss between two points in a duct system.
  • Coefficient of performance - (COP) is the unit of measurement that scrutinizes the efficiency of your HVAC system's output.

Ascertain Your Measurements

Properly sizing your ductwork is crucial. There’s little to no room for error. Ensuring that a unit can be installed into your ceiling or floor cavity in the first place is a much-needed step to take. There are various ways to size your ductwork, with velocity reduction drop, static regain, and the equal friction method being the most common. Carefully consider which one suits your space. You should also take careful note of the square footage of your space and each of its rooms. After all, the efficiency of your unit heavily relies on the measurements you provide when designing. Precision is key in bringing your HVAC unit to fruition.

Capitalize On Technology

The various technological advancements available to us today allow us to simplify most jobs. You can use a lot of the software available online to help you design your duct system with more ease and accuracy. Tools such as HVAC duct sizing calculators, ductwork speedsheets, friction chart calculators and other various tools that can calculate the various HVAC figures will allow you to ensure that your system is feasible and maintainable.


Installing a ducted air-conditioning system is not an easy feat. It involves a lot of labour and requires a lot of careful consideration. Since HVAC units usually take up most of your utility bills, they must be efficient, allowing for more savings on your HVAC costs in the long run. Your space deserves a unit that can cool or heat it without giving you any trouble. The above mentioned may help you achieve the HVAC design your space needs.


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