How To Find the Best New Home Builder in Sydney

December 17, 2021

Building your own home is an exciting step toward comfort and independence. Not all home builders in Sydney are equal, but it can be hard to know what to expect if you only browse a few websites or online reviews. Use these resources to get the inside information you need to make an informed decision before you hire.

Plan Ahead

Before you start investigating potential builders, make sure you know what kind of home you want. While most builders can work with a variety of designs, some specialise in compact homes while others have extensive experience with duplexes or other multi-family homes. Make a list of requirements for your new house and make sure anyone you contact can work with those parameters. It can also be helpful to create a budget and a timeline, but be realistic. Use these requirements to narrow down your list of potential builders.

Ask Local Builders Associations

Most states and territories have professional associations with strict rules about who they allow in. When you're looking for new house builders Sydney, a great resource is the Master Builders Association. You can review member lists, awards and meeting records to get a good idea of who is an upstanding builder in your area. You might find some new home builders Sydney that you didn't know existed but who might be just right for your project.

Contact Real Estate Agents

Another great resource you can use when researching new house builders Sydney is local real estate agents. These professionals are in charge of inspecting completed homes, so they often know if a builder has cut corners in the past or if their work is always outstanding. They can also let you know about open houses. By attending these events, you can observe a builder's work in person and get a good idea of the style and quality that you might expect. If there are no events or if the real estate agent hasn't worked with a particular builder more than once, you can still get an idea of the quality of a home by driving through the area and getting a street view. In many neighbourhoods, you can compare duplex designs Sydney or home construction elements from the comfort of your car.

Get Advice from Friends and Relatives

Some of the most trustworthy people you can ask for advice on home building are friends and relatives. These people aren't trying to sell you anything, so you can get their honest opinions without a seller's bias. Unless your friends are professional builders themselves, they might not know detailed information about construction. However, they can certainly tell you if the new home builders Sydney they hired were courteous or if your friends have any regrets after the project was completed. Don't be afraid to ask if your friends are happy with the work, if it was completed to their preferences or if there were any problems they noticed during or after the construction.

Explore Regulatory Agency Websites

It's not difficult to look up a business to make sure it has not had shady dealings in the past. You might try the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to see if there are any outstanding complaints against a particular building company. The Department of Fair Trading can also give you key information on local building codes and how to protect yourself in case of fraud.

Conduct Interviews

Once you have an idea of a builder's background, you can contact builders with confidence and request an interview. Ask them about some homes they've built in the past and how they handled unusual features like fireplaces or modern electrical fixtures. Try to get a feel for whether you'd get along well. House construction takes time, and your builders will likely need to talk with you regularly to clarify small details or explain unexpected complexities. Hiring someone who listens to you well and gives you accurate information makes home building less stressful.

The best new home builders in Sydney have experience, listen well, show excellent customer service skills, have few unexplained bad reviews and work with you to achieve your goals. By checking a variety of resources to find the right builders, you can start designing your new home with confidence.

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