How to Know Your Home Needs Plumbing Services?

December 21, 2021




Far more than often, a plumbing problem looks like an instant fix. Nevertheless, it’s the same issue that lands you in water waist deep, and you have no clue where the water is coming from.

Most of us try to deal with such issues all by ourselves and save a buck or two while we’re at it. However, doing DIY in such cases only worsens the situation, and then you need to call in the expert to deal with.

However, what if we told you there was a way to spot a problem coming from miles away? That’s right! This article will mention some methods that will help you see a plumbing problem coming at you from far away! So, let’s get going.

You have no water at all:

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, an average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day at their home.

Now, just for a second, imagine you don’t have even an ounce of the water coming out from your faucets. Sounds worrying, right? It might not be your maintenance shut down.

If you don’t see a drop of water coming from your faucets, immediately call your neighbors to ask if they have the same problem. If they don’t, it narrows down that the issue is only happening with you. And if they do, you must call a plumber. A plumber can help you identify the problem and tell you the right person to call for your property.

No hot water at your home:

It’s another story when you take an hour-long shower, and there isn’t any hot water left. However, if your water system takes a few hours to warm the water, it indicates that you might need to get some plumbing help imminently.

You should immediately call nearby plumbing services to look at your hot water problem. However, if you are not confident about retaining services from a plumber near you, you can search the internet for a better alternate. Just simply go to google, and search “plumbers near me.” Your search results will show you results like victoria plumbing and many others. However, ensure to only go for those with stellar customer reviews and ratings.

Hiring a plumber from an effective agency can help you narrow down the issue. For example, in some cases, your water system is just fine. It’s the size of your tank that is the issue. When you hire a plumber, they will suggest the right size of the tank regarding your house needs.

A sweating water heater:

If you find out that your water heating is sweating, or in other words, “weeping,” it might be an indication that a leak is coming, albeit slowly. To find out if your water heater is sweating, go near it, see for yourself, or notice if the ground around your water heater is a little damp.

Small leaks happen due to cracks in the casing or the piping, which lead to more severe issues. Out of the many advantages of hiring a professional plumber, an evident one is that he might help you catch the problem at the earliest. We encourage you to overcome the problem as soon as possible as it can mean lower repair costs and might be done in less time.

Other than the damp pipe or seeing the heater visibly, other signs that you might look out for include:

  • Your water heater or the surrounding pipes might get covered in rusty spots.
  • There may be corrosion on the water heater.
  • There is an extraordinarily sized water pool in the drip pan or nearby your water heater.

If you notice any of these signs occurring, it’s always best to contact an expert at the earliest. However, if you call a plumber for such an issue, it’s always suggested that they also perform an extensive check for gas leaks or other electrical problems.

Water flowing with low pressure:

If you notice that the water in your taps is not flowing as forcefully as it used to, it’s about time you called a plumber to inspect the internal working of your plumbings.

If it is only happening in a faucet of one bathroom, it could mean something as basic as a clogged flow. Feel free to go DIY here as you unscrew the aerator and clean out whatever is blocking the faucet. It might take a little scrubbing or a vinegar soak, but you can deal with it independently.

However, if cleaning the aerator doesn’t work, or if the problem is existent in more than one faucet, you will have to think bigger. Usually, low pressure means that some pipes must have cracked or broken internally in the walls or under your home’s foundation. Every time you try to use water in your home, this problem grows deeper and does more damage.

If you notice low pressure from your water faucets and it’s not from a singular tap, enlist an expert’s help imminently.

You are unable to drain your drains:

Clogs are a mainstream problem whenever we talk about plumbing. While there are some clogs that you can deal with just by using a plunger and a little force, some are more clingy.

Some clogs are so prevalent that they need one to require a plumber. Another benefit of hiring a plumber is that they can access unique tools, including a camera. Using the camera, the plumber can look deeper into pipes for the very thing responsible for causing the clog.

However, if clogging is a more frequent issue with your plumbing services, it might indicate that you are facing something far more extensive. So, never wait around for the problem to settle down because the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Faucets that won’t stop dripping:

Even a shower dripping ten times in a minute can make you pay a lot more than you are using!

Don’t wait around to see a dripping sink or a shower for a long time. Because in most cases, people don’t take dripping as a severe problem which instead results in increased billings, not to mention the environmental concerns.

While you might be able to fix a dripping faucet with a bit of tightening, it doesn’t always turn out this way. A consistent dripping might indicate a crack in a pipe or an incorrectly installed element. Among other issues, pressure buildups or other similar issues are also a worrying factor.

To deal with such issues, it’s always best to hire a professional plumber and fix the problem. Usually, a plumber charges their work by the hour, an excellent frugal workaround. You can present your plumber with multiple issues within the hour to fix.

Your toilet keeps overflowing:

We bet you didn’t see this one coming. After all, an overflowing toilet is very common and happens all the time, right? However, sometimes there is a more significant issue behind it.

If you come across an overflowing toilet, be quick to turn off your water immediately. You need to figure out what is causing the issue. If your bathroom overflew after a flush, you most likely encounter a blockage. You can deal with this issue by using a plunger.

However, if the plunger doesn’t get the job done, leave it be. Repeatedly using a plunger on a toilet can cause some damage to the piping. In such cases, hire a plumber. A plumber will unclog the bathroom, and the problem will likely never happen again.

Final Words

Here are all the signs that indicate a far bigger problem coming at you. If you notice any of these signs and realize that you won’t be able to cope with it all on your own, it’s best to enlist expert services as soon as possible.

An expert can help you solve the problem much more efficiently. Also, if you go to an expert for help, they might fix the problem once and for all. While we are all for DIY, sometimes it’s better to let the experts do their job.

Nevertheless, if you know about any indicators that might hint that a bigger problem is at work, let us know through the comments section!


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