How To Save Money On A Home Renovation And Spend That Money On Vacation

December 27, 2021

Home renovations are the worst! Yeah, we said that, and we won’t take our words back. Sure, you will have a beautiful house with a great interior design in the end, but it will take your time, your life, and all your money!

However, you don’t have to be the victim of this curse, and you can do the renovation on budget and even have some money left to spend on your next vacation. Want to know how you can do it? Keep reading!

Create a budget and stick to it

Before you start a home renovation, determine everything you plan to change and fix in your house, and then create a reasonable budget for all these expenses.

If you don’t really know how much it will cost, choose a contractor, and ask them to come up with a realistic budget for your renovation. The budget will help you to understand three things: what should be done, what can be done, and what would be nice to do, but you don’t have money for it right now.

Thus, you will save some money on unnecessary renovations!

Hire a professional

Speaking of contractors. We are absolutely sure that quality renovation can be done only by professionals. For some tasks, we absolutely advise you to hire a professional to save not only your time but your money too. If you don’t get some help, you can end up with broken things, hundreds of dollars of expenses, and you on the verge of hysterics.

So, definitely hire a professional for tasks where you need a specialist to do them (plumbing, electronics, etc.).

Get help from your friends

But what about other projects? We really think that some renovation tasks, especially ones about decoration, can be successfully done by you. The internet has plenty of high-quality renovation videos, and we really recommend you to look at them to get ideas and learn how to do some projects.

Also, if you need to learn something or find the best contractor, you can ask your friends for help. They can contact you via Skype or Zoom (safety still comes first!) to explain to you how to do a DIY project you’re asking them about.

We advise you to capture these conversations with an HD recorder to have good instructions on hand throughout the whole project. Don’t forget to ask for consent for recording. Further, give a present to your friend when you finish this awesome DIY task!

Make a renovation plan

Have you ever been interested in a home design made by yourself? Now is the best time to design a room yourself, or even do the whole renovation plan with your bare hands!

Interior design is a tricky and complicated thing to do, but you are the one who knows your taste the best, so if you put your love and passion into it, we are sure your house will look perfect.

Having a plan is also useful when creating a budget because you will see every single thing that should be fixed or bought, so you know exactly how much money you need to spend.

Make sure that you and your contractor are on the same page

When you have your budget and design collage approved by a contractor, it is better to sign some kind of agreement between you two.

It is the best and the safest way to make sure that both of you understand what should be done, when it should be finished, and how much money you owe to your contractor in the end. The clarity here will guarantee that the process will go smoothly and be finished in time.

Look for deals

One of the best ways to save money on renovations is by looking for deals. Of course, discounts do not always occur when needed, but if you have some time to spare on your renovation, we advise you to buy some things beforehand, when stores have seasonal sales, for example.

Don’t rush the process, and you will save a fortune on those little things that seem so cheap but together can be worth your rent.

Track your expenses

Even when you have a strict budget, extra expenses will occur when you start spending money!

That’s why it is absolutely crucial for you to track everything you’ve purchased for renovation and write down every bill you paid. Our recommendation is to get a notebook and write down both budget and expenses. This way, you will prevent any overspending and will be absolutely on track with your budget.

Leave walls alone

Breaking walls, remodeling rooms, etc., are too big projects if you want to have some spare money after the renovation.

Do not start anything so big because it will eat a lot of money, and remodeling is not such a great idea in the first place. If your home definitely needs renovation like that, then focus only on the rooms where you will be doing the remodeling and leave the rest of the house for the next time.

Reuse everything you can

We are huge fans of reusing stuff, and we think you should be too!

If you have excellent but old wooden furniture, try to find a local master to restore it and give it new life. If you have kitchen cabinets in the wrong color, paint them, don’t get rid of them!

We can go on and on with that, but we think you get the gist: reuse as much as you can to save some money for your smashing vacation!


Our last tip is to be patient, do not rush, and prioritize yourself before renovation. Yes, making it on a budget can take longer, but you will have the time of your life on some paradise island with the money you have left!

So, start planning your trip next summer, because when you are finished with the renovation, you will need a good long break. Bon voyage!

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