How to Utilise Space in a Commercial Setting

December 15, 2021

The right commercial space can be hard to come by for businesses, particularly in built-up areas such as cities and towns where space is at a premium. What’s more, being able to create outdoor, green spaces is becoming a priority, both for wellbeing and to boost footfall following the lockdown.

It’s important for commercial space to remain interesting and engaging for the public, which can set a challenge for any commercial team, be it at the design and specification stage through to build and completion. With that in mind, Brett Landscaping take a look at some of the unique ways to utilise space in a commercial setting.

Discovering useable space in commercial areas

Two of the most popular ways to utilise space in an already busy commercial area is through rooftop space and terraces or balconies. Both of these types of spaces can help to create a unique edge to any number of commercial units, from bars and restaurants to health clubs and hotels.

Other interesting ways to make better use of the space around us is through green spaces on the ground level. Utilising outdoor space is important for the general wellbeing of employees, visitors and more, especially in an already built-up area. While there is a great emphasis on building up to maximise available space, it’s important not to forget the opportunities to create green areas for employees to take breaks, eat lunch and switch off when necessary.

It’s important that rooftops and terraces are designed with style, quality and useability in mind. A vast array of commercial units could all benefit from additional space, but having the right materials to achieve this is crucial.

Create outstanding design flexibility with the chance to extend existing space, thanks to outdoor areas that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Transforming previously unused rooftop spaces

The likes of bars, restaurants, retail spaces and hospitality could all benefit from the design of a rooftop space that allows for additional room. Designing and creating a rooftop space can take creative flair and technical know-how, so it’s important to use the right materials.

Pedestal systems are a revolutionary method to create those desirable rooftop spaces, as they can hold different types of paving, specifically for rooftops of commercial buildings. Rooftop pedestal systems should be able to allow for easy installation with non-slip qualities, as well as effectively spreading the load of paving to reduce the risk of breaking.

With a choice of paving that can help to create an exclusive and stylish rooftop area, together the right system and paving means you’re able to transform a previously unused space.

Expanding commercial space with balconies and terraces

Similarly, being able to expand an existing building with a terrace or balcony area could help to increase the capacity of a bar, hotel or health club, not to mention improving its desirability.

The design of a terrace must be stylish but durable in order to withstand foot traffic and weather. With this in mind, porcelain paving is a popular choice for commercial applications, as it has a natural but durable build. With properties including stain, scratch and slip resistance, porcelain paving is low maintenance and will withstand general weathering.

With a great choice of colours and finishes, some porcelain paving tiles can also be used indoors to create the perfect flow of a cohesive inside-outside design.

Next time you have a commercial job to design or build, maximising the available space should become a more important consideration. By being able to create extra space, particularly in a commercial setting, you could begin to deliver more amenities when it comes to hospitality, leisure and retail. In turn, this can have a positive effect on the local community by offering more exciting places to visit, work and socialise, not to mention the additional jobs it could create for the area.


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