Interior Design Tips for Improving Mental Health

December 7, 2021

Mental health is a complex topic. And while there is a lot we don’t understand about how the mind works, there is also a lot that we do. Take interior design for instance. It is inextricably tied to mental health.

The great thing about interior design is that you have complete control over it. It’s not like work where factors behind your influence can degrade your mental health. You can alter your interior design as YOU see fit.

Believe it or not, everything in your home contributes to your mood. This is why it is important to understand some basic psychological principles.


Color is a great place to start. Most people are aware that each color has its own unique connotations, which can affect your mood. Yellow, for example, is great to have in your house. It is reminiscent of the sun and signifies happiness — a color that helps uplift you.

Red, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult to get right. Moderate amounts of red are warm and inviting. But too much can be overpowering, bringing about tones of anger and war.



Moving beyond color, we come to lighting. Having a well-lit home is essential for a positive mindset, and numerous studies have proved this. A systematic review of the current literature regarding light and mental health found a strong relationship between natural light and lower levels of depression.

This is why most interior designers recommend making use of natural light where possible.

Having access to multiple large windows throughout your house is a huge plus, but you may not be so lucky. In this instance, you can simply bolster the ambiance of your home with artificial lights. The same systematic review previously cited found that artificial lights have a similar positive effect on mental health.



Another sure-fire way to uplift your mental health is to reinforce your link with nature. That’s right, you guessed it! Plants. According to numerous studies, incorporating a few green friends in your home helps to alleviate stress.

One such study conducted in San Francisco Bay Area hospitals found that 79% of patients felt ‘more relaxed’ when spending time around plants.

Nurturing another life also gives you constant gratification, and it requires far less effort to care for a plant than, say, a pet. Plants are a definite must in any house, however small.



Thus far, we’ve preached how appearance can influence mood, but you should also actively consider the function of your furniture. This, too, will drastically affect your mental health. Consider your desk, for instance. Opting for a small model may take up less space and make the room feel bigger, but will it effectively fulfill its need?

If you frequently find yourself running out of space, your desk will likely get cluttered, frustrating you and negatively impacting your productivity. This is why you need to consider your unique needs before purchasing furniture. Standing desks, for instance, are ideal for people who spend long periods at their desks or suffer from back pain.

One area that many people fail to capitalize on is sports decor. It’s certainly not the first thing you think of when filling your home, but you should absolutely consider it.

A lack of sporting activity is one of the leading causes of depression. A study conducted on 682 recreational athletes by MSH Medical School Hamburg, and the University of South Australia, found that people who exercised for at least 2.5 hours per week reported lower depression scores.

Therefore, incorporating sport into your home is the perfect way to keep depression at bay. Of course, you are a little limited in which sports you can undertake, but one key game stands out, and that’s ping pong, or table tennis.


Why Pick Table Tennis Over Other Sports?

It really ticks all of the boxes. Unlike sports such as badminton, table tennis only requires a small playing area. Most sports are knocked out of the runnings here for this reason alone. It’s also suitable for all ages as it doesn’t place much stress on the body. All of the family can get involved!

Another reason table tennis is such a great choice is that it can easily fit the aesthetic of your home. We recommend placing a ping pong table in an office or games room.

Any standard table tennis table will feel well-suited in such an environment. Of course, the notion of color clashing may concern some people. And we hear you. Blue or green ping pong tables might not fit with the appearance of your office or games room.

However, the range of color choices at your disposal extends way beyond simply blue or green. There are bundles of designer ping pong tables on the market that can fit any room. Be it white, black, walnut, or oak, you are certain to find a table that works for you.

Failing this, you can simply move the table out of sight when it is not in use. The vast majority of tables fold to a fraction of their erected size so you can put them in storage if this is more suitable.


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