Key Tips to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

December 26, 2021

What Makes Small Rooms Look Bigger?

With lockdowns being forced on people during the pandemic, we’ve seen a return to larger homes because people want more space, reports Marketplace. But you don’t necessarily have to buy a big house to stop feeling enclosed. Even if you live in a small apartment or condo, you can still make it look bigger by creating an illusion of spaciousness using color, light, and a dash of interior design.

Below are a few simple tricks that will help you make your home look bigger.

Use the Power of Light

Light is a classic space-enhancing tool that works like magic. This is one of many techniques used by major real estate companies to make properties more attractive to potential clients.

Any house will look larger if it’s brightly lit. During the day, keep the curtains open to let the daylight in. A large window with natural light will blend the boundaries between your home and the outdoors, making the space appear larger.

If you don’t have access to much natural light, it is not a problem. Artificial light is also great in creating an illusion of an open area.

To visually expand the room, use multiple sources of artificial light. Spread lamps evenly throughout the place you want to enlarge. Don’t rely on one overhead light. Moreover, lamps can add a specific color accent and emphasize particular walls and corners, distracting from the sense of limited space.

After all, lighting is not only about making a room look larger. It impacts the way you feel inside your house. Poor lighting can lead to depression while an adequate amount of light empowers productivity, enhances mood, impacts wakefulness, digestion, etc.

Avoid Clutter

One of the easiest steps towards creating an illusion of a big space is to stick to minimalism. Cut back on unnecessary accessories, furniture, and other elements that take up space without adding value. Keep the surfaces clean and the floor space as clear as possible. Limit decor accents. Use closed hidden storage for all your knick-knacks. Even a large space will feel small if it is cluttered.

Look for smart substitutions for bulky stuff. For example, give preference to loveseats and chairs instead of a couch. Chairs can be placed in the corners and moved in closer when needed.

Choose creative solutions and mobility. Ottomans can perfectly perform the role of a coffee table. You can move them around or out of the way. If you can’t live without coffee tables, choosing glass end tables would be the best solution for adding extra space.

Adopt a habit to declutter regularly to let the room breathe and keep it spacious.

Use a Focal Point and Mirrors

To create an illusion of enhanced space, use a focal point. Choose “the star of the room,” a detail that will grab attention upon entry. This can be a fireplace in the living room, a bed in the bedroom, or a dining table in a kitchen. This trick distracts from any clutter present in the room, makes it focused, and adds a feeling of spaciousness.

The right color scheme will also assist in this purpose. Use complementary colors for accents that match the palette of the entire room. In the bedroom, choose colorful sheets to focus attention on the bed. For a dining room, you can use colorful place settings or subtle accessories.

Another clever way to create a sense of openness is to use the magic of mirrors. Angle a mirror toward a focal point to create a sense of depth. Use mirrors to reflect the light and hang them near windows so they reflect the outside. Place a large mirror on a wall that doesn’t get much light. Opt for mirrored furniture and decor like mirrored doors or reflecting tabletops.

Remember About Floors

In attempts to enlarge the room, don’t forget about the floors. Remember that they also play a huge role in the perception of the size of your room. Making the most of your flooring is an unbeatable trick to make an area feel bigger. The right type of flooring is a trick to shift attention from the size of the room towards its appeal and functions.

Keep your floors light to add the illusion of openness. Choose light colors of wood and neutral carpet colors to make a room look airier. Avoid oversized, conspicuous rugs. This makes a room even smaller than it really is.

Consider the type of flooring coverage as a space-enhancing trick too. Choose wider planks that are at least 3 inches in size over strips. This will make a room look less busy as there would be fewer seams on the floor.

Choose one flooring for all rooms to create a seamless flow between different areas of the house. This trick unites small spaces and makes them feel like a part of something bigger.

To Sum Up

Adding a feeling of open space to your home may seem like a challenge. But if you stick to light colors, open windows, and clear surfaces, you are bound to achieve the desired result.


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