Make Arrangements To Have Plant-(s) Shipped For Delivery To A New Home

December 1, 2021

Many movers consider plants in their own classification with different regulations and requirements when taking them from one state to another. These are not something you can merely place in a box alongside your home goods to move without alerting a U-haul company. The driver needs to be aware so that they can comply with laws and regulations.

Making Arrangements To Have Plants Shipped For Delivery To A New Home

Many residents don’t realize that each state has specific growing conditions regarding plant varieties and state laws about importing plants, whether bought from an online site like or securing at a local shop or gardening center. There are some regions where anything goes, and in some places, there are stringent guidelines.

Homeowners must educate on the restrictions before moving plants to a new location. That can include the type of foliage, the soil variations, and the need for “pest-free certification.”

Some individuals might find the guidelines a bit too strict. Still, these are crucial to the health of the area’s local vegetation since the greenery you’re attempting to transport has the potential for carrying pests or possibly harsh diseases into the new regions.

You can check laws for every state with the “national Plant Board.” That is a non-profit organization comprising the varied state regulatory pest organizations. It’s also wise to consider the conditions you’ll be driving through in case of an issue or consider shipping for a much more straightforward process.

Will The Plant Thrive In Its New Home

Regardless of how you choose to move the plant you buy online, traveling will be stressful for the foliage; merely moving the greenery from its permanent base will be hard for it. Learn how to know if the plant you buy online is from a reputable company at

Generally, an indoor plant is relatively hardy, but some can find changes in their atmosphere, moisture level, temperature, or extreme humidity. You’ll need to check the climate, the light, temperature, and other variables when deciding if you should consider rehoming or if the plant will continue to thrive in the new home over time.

If you find the plant will likely not survive the move or the new conditions, it’s critical to find a new home where it can continue to do well. If you have no close friends or family who will take on the responsibility, check with local nursing homes or hospitals and look into nurseries who would be able to rehome the plant.

Sadly, some people who change addresses will often toss out plants instead of exerting the effort to attempt to adopt out the foliage. These are living things that you’re destroying by throwing them in the garbage, and so many people could benefit from what you’re turning into trash.

Some hospice organizations will pick up donations instead of seeing these tossed in the trash if you contact them.

How Should You Prepare Plants For the Move

Many moving companies won’t transport live plants because of the liability attached if something were to happen, including damage to the leaves or stems or, worse, death of the foliage.

The greenery will have no access to air, water, or sunlight, making it wise to avoid placing these in a moving truck but giving you other options for transporting instead.

  1. You can ship, among the most popular choices
  2. Fly to your new location with the foliage
  3. Drive with the plants secure and safe

Packaging the greener will depend on the option that you choose. Any of the choices is better than putting the greenery in a moving truck and hoping for good results. Let’s look.

Traveling by vehicle

The most straightforward and uncomplicated process is traveling by vehicle since this allows you to still care for the plants as you go. The idea is to have the foliage in the cabin with you as the safest and most secure form of travel and bring them into the place you stay when not in the car to avoid extreme temperatures and so they receive adequate care.

The plant is going to experience stress; the hope is that it survives the experience intact.

Flying with the foliage on the plane with you

As long as you comply with the “TSA regulations,” you can fly with live plants with either the carry-on option or checking the foliage. You’ll need to contact your specific airline to determine their particular rules for limits for size with a carry-on and how they prefer the items to be packed.

Shipping with a postal or expedited service

UPS, FedEx, or USPS all have shipping services available for live plants, but the individual services have unique regulations about their services. When you choose to ship, the ideal method is to choose the fastest and easiest despite the price.

Plus, you want to avoid delays over the weekends, so try to book as early in the week as you can and steer clear of the holidays.

Final Thought

For those gardeners who are unsure of how to protect a plant when moving, it’s wise to check with a nursery or horticulture center for guidance whether driving, flying, or shipping.

When moving during extreme temperatures, you might want to insulate the package to keep the plant from experiencing the temperatures, especially if shipped.

If you choose the shipping method, make sure to expedite or use express shipping, so there are no delays. It might cost a bit more, but it’s worth keeping the plant from experiencing travel delays.

That is the idea in every scenario, whether driving, shipping, or flying, keeping travel to a minimum, so the plant survives. Take this link for guidance on acclimating your plant to its new environment.


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