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Planning to buy doors? Sliding vs. French patio doors

Are you building a new home? Are you planning to renovate your house? Could it be that you want to renovate your office? There are different kinds of doors that one may use for a house or office. In this modern society, sliding glass doors have been normalized even at home. Sliding doors were used in the 1st century by the Romans. Sliding glass doors are the upgraded version of the ancient sliding wooden doors. French patio doors are modern versions of the traditional French doors. You can order a free repair estimate for all door types.

How to choose to form the two types of doors

When it comes to choosing stuff it is hard. One item may have more strengths than the other but happens to be way costly. The other item could be having more cons but has a good appearance and pocket friendly. Some of these factors to consider include:

  1. The appearance

One would want something pleasing to the eye. If you have the money, you could go for the attractive one instead of the cheaper ones.

2. The budget

Before purchasing the door you want, you should draft a budget. This will help guide you on what you can acquire and what you cannot get. The installation fee should be inclusive of the budget.

3. The house theme

If you have a modern house, you should install modern interior details. To make them blend in perfectly. One cannot mix a modern theme house with traditional theme furniture.

4. Efficiency

You should weigh on how efficient each door is and the advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors

Sliding glass doors have their strengths and their weaknesses.


  • They give a wide view area. This is because most of these sliding glass doors are clear.
  • They can be used for the backyard and swimming pool view.
  • They cool the house. This is due to the spaces between the wall and the glass doors.
  • They are easy to operate that is opening and closing
  • They brighten up the room


  • They are difficult to get cleaned up completely
  • They are delicate to a point that if it gets hit by a strong object they crack or even break.

Advantages and disadvantages of French patio doors


  • They increase the value of your home. This is because they are luxurious.
  • They enhance security
  • They provide an aesthetic appearance in the house
  • They are long-lasting
  • They can fit in any them of a house


  • They are costly
  • They require large spaces in a room


When choosing a door type, you should keep in mind that they will be there to stay. One has the option of changing doors after some years. You may also make your house an investment property. While renovating your house, try to install expensive furniture, floor plan, windows as well as doors. This is to increase the value of your property. Sliding glass doors are the new trend in people’s houses and backyards. Having luxurious details in the house increases the value of your home.

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