Portable PEMF devices

December 2, 2021

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a secure and reliable treatment for both overall health maintenance and many serious and continual health problems, including injuries, pain therapy, improved blood circulation, and improved recovery of tissues and bone.

Furthermore, portable PEMF devices can be taken with you on business trips or family trips. Painful problems don't vanish when you need to travel, so getting a therapeutic system that can travel with you is important. A portable PEMF device may make that trip much more pleasurable!

Advantages of selecting portable PEMF devices:

Some important reasons for opting for portable devices are given below:


Portable PEMF devices are easily affordable for you. Not just the prices are very low but in addition, it is a great investment. Once you invest in a device, it will serve you for several years. Furthermore, a device can make use of by your family and friends and has a large number of usages. Also, it helps you to save the expenses of traveling to a clinic to get therapy.

SENTIENT ELEMENT is the best pemf machine for sale. The power of SENTIENT ELEMENT is unmatched by any other PEMF device. In the current market, SENTIENT ELEMENT has the best technical specifications.


Such devices are very simple to use and are also travel-friendly. You can freely take portable PEMF devices anywhere you want. You don't need to get anxious about the battery, because most devices are rechargeable.

User friendly

Devices similar to heated pads or headbands are very simple to use. You don't need to be well trained to explore these functionalities. And also individuals of any age can use it very easily. The radiation and intensity are easily controllable.

Suggested Frequency

The high frequencies of more than 8Hz in the nighttime are not ideal because they may activate the brain, interrupting the sleep pattern. The usage of low frequency can help the brain to take a deep breath and also lead to deep sleep.

Tips for using Portable PEMF-MAT

Listed below are the five tips that you should think about it for using a PEMF-Mat:

1. Pay attention to the Frequency chart

2. Improve in a systematic way

3. Therapy of body parts or entire body

4. Thirty minutes two times a day

5. PEMF pulse

Pay attention to the Frequency chart

As a starter or regular user, you may be different in using a PEMF-mat, and one of the differences is to fix up its frequency. We can set the frequency from 'one' to 'ninety-nine Hertz'. The ideal frequency for beginners is eight Hertz and three-five repetitions a day, but when people get comfortable with the procedure, they are suggested to use it at more than thirty Hertz and be made use of two repetitions a day. Also, it is highly suggested to consume a glass of water before getting to PEMF Therapy. An important step here is to consult with a professional doctor and set frequencies according to his instructions.

Improve in a systematic way

Usually, we do not see user instructions as they are vague. For that reason, we can't get precise important information about exactly how to use PEMF-Mat. Even, we ended up with a lot of queries in mind. Its usage is unique for everyone as the body structure, mentality, and strength vary from one individual to another. And in case you face any variations in your body, then you should inform the doctor.


Therapy of body parts or entire body

You should understand that you are using PEMF treatment for the entire body or any particular body part at the earliest stage. So, for instance, if you have any fractured or damaged bone, then you could use it only for that. But if you want to keep overall better health, then entire-body treatment is a perfect option. In some cases, we find the problem at one particular point in our body, but it is brought by another issue that we did not understand, as we didn't understand where the pain arise, so full-bodied body treatment sustains a balance in all parts of the body.

Two times a day for thirty minutes

The ideal practice of the PEMF Mat is extremely symmetrical. If you are a professional person, then make use of it for thirty minutes 2 times a day. The majority significant factor of PEMF Therapy is consistency, as the majority of people don't feel anything during PEMF-Therapy. Some people desired to achieve the higher intensity of dose in some days, while others proceeded slowly and gradually. You must know that there is no hazardous effect of an overdose, but constantly, you need to seek advice from your doctor.

PEMF pulse

We constantly heard that only static magnets may throw radiation inside the body. But these types of static magnets are very short-term. On the contrary, PEMF mat devices are signals designed to give a different call and generate long-term amazing advantages to our muscles.



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