Reasons to Decorate Your Home With Clear Lucite Furniture

December 22, 2021

Is your space feeling and looking lifeless and in need of some glam and depth? Then look no further than lucite furniture pieces. Adding clear acrylic or lucite pieces to your home adds an element of chic and offers you a luxe interior design you'll love.

Do you want to transform your home, giving it a sleek and modern look and feel? Would you want something that will make a significant impact on the room? Consider going for clear lucite furniture.

Clear lucite pieces are making a comeback in several homes. Regardless of the interior design style, acrylic pieces will always blend in and fit your home decor design.

So how do you intend to incorporate this style into your home design? We'll explain how to style your home with clear lucite furniture, reasons to try acrylic pieces, and some popular furniture pieces to consider.

You can check out some furniture pieces at this clear lucite furniture page from clear home design to see some designs.

Reasons to Try Acrylic Furniture

One important reason to try out acrylic furniture is that it'll transform your home. Acrylic materials are so infrequent and clear; the sleek feature is sure to draw anybody's attention at first glance.

From modern to traditional style design, acrylic furniture provides a great accent that's sure to improve your home appearance. Besides the aesthetic reason for choosing lucite furniture, it's also highly functional.

Acrylic furniture is also easy to clean. Just use a wet soapy cloth and wipe. Thus, it's ideal for high-traffic areas and the kitchen. The clear look is perfect for a smaller room because it creates an open and airy feeling, adding the illusion of extra space.

Besides these primary reasons, owning an acrylic desk chair or other furniture pieces has other minor benefits. They include:

They’re UV-Resistant

The sun's rays can affect your furniture depending on the materials. Thus, you might find your furniture fading.

One benefit of acrylic furniture is that it's UV-resistant. Therefore, you can place your tables and chairs anywhere you want without worrying about redecorating to maintain a beautiful home design.

You can bring your chairs outside for a garden party. Acrylic chairs are UV-resistant and lightweight, and thus, they're versatile in their usage.

They’re Safer

Glass can easily shatter and break, creating a safety hazard, bad for a home with pets or children.

With acrylic, you can get the same look as glass. However, acrylic is a safer option than glass. Lucite pieces won't break on impact and are softer because they're made with high-quality plastic. As such, if your kids bump into the furniture, your chairs will be intact, and it won't hurt them too much.

Styling Lucite Acrylic

It's one thing to buy clear lucite furniture and another thing to style it. Suppose you've just purchased some furniture pieces and would want to decorate your home with them; we're here to help.

When designing your lucite furniture, there's one rule to follow: less is more. It wouldn't do to fill your entire room with acrylic furnishings. Lucite furniture is best as a statement or accent piece.

Regardless of your home's decor style, lucite offers many furniture styles, shapes, and colors. Thus, you must surely see the one that you like.

Some Popular Lucite Acrylic Furniture to Try

Whether you prefer a traditional or ultra-sleek design, there's always a piece of clear lucite furniture that will perfectly fit your style. The following are some acrylic furniture pieces and accents you can incorporate into your home decor:

Wall Shelves

Recently, floating shelves have been trending. However, consider taking the trend further by incorporating acrylic in the design. Lucite looks great regardless of the wall color. If you can, use a metallic accent for an extra stunning look.

You can also add lots of personal style with plants, books, etcetera.

Dining Table/Chair

The acrylic dining table and chair are more popular options for people buying lucite pieces for the first time because they're the most versatile option for this material.

A lucite acrylic table and chair make smaller dining areas look more spacious and also come in various styles, from modern to traditional pieces.

Work Desk

Your work desk also deserves an acrylic upgrade. Whether a work-from-home office or a dedicated office, an acrylic desk will significantly impact the room.

Whether you placed it in the middle of the room or pushed it up against the wall, an acrylic desk will still look good in your office. Consider adding a metal accent or various acrylic colors.

Console Table

Are you looking for a more significant furniture piece that combines decoration with function? Consider going for a console table. It'd be best to place the table behind a couch or entryway to give the room the best accent.

Coffee and Side Tables

Most times, when thinking of lucite furniture, your mind might wander to a side or coffee table. Buying a lucite coffee or side table opens up your room while adding visual interest in the areas you placed them. Before buying, look out for minimal lines and exciting shapes.


Although both have the same illusion as a floating shelf, an acrylic bookshelf surpasses floating shelves on a larger scale. It enhances tiny spaces, including small apartments and cramped living room corners.

Consider styling your bookshelf to make the decor and books your acrylic shelf focal point.

Final Words

Do you want to make a home decor statement? Have you been dealing with boring furniture and home design and would like to switch up your style? Suppose you've been looking for new trends to add to your home and improve its appearance; consider opting for clear lucite furniture.

Acrylic furniture defies trends and would always be preferred due to its durability and other qualities. It adds uniqueness and pops to any room while accenting its furniture and features. Best believe that acrylic furniture provides a modern, sleek look that will always look good with proper care.

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