Security Check to Perform on Your Garage Doors, Before the Cold Season

December 31, 2021


Security Checks to Perform on Your Garage Door, Before the Cold Season


Before the cold hits us hard and the weather turns rough, there are certain checks that you should perform on your garage doors. All kinds of misalignments, worn parts and cracking noises tend to get worse over colder temperatures, leading to numerous emergency repairs of sorts. To avoid such a situation, you’re better off ticking all boxes and checking your garage door before the cold winds start coming by.

The winter season is almost upon us, and it is time for you to check all essential home instalments to avoid any urgent repairs. Here is a checklist of all you should check on your garage doors, before the upcoming winter season.

Test Balance of Door

The first thing you need to check is the balance of your garage door. You can do so by disconnecting your garage door from the door opener by pulling on the red release cord. Now, manually lift your door up and hold it by your waist. Keep it steady there before releasing it. If the door comes down on its own, you will need to have it adjusted. If it goes up, the springs are exerting too much pressure on it.

Both of the scenarios can put undue pressure on your door opener and lead towards an emergency repair down the line. You’ll need a garage door replacement if you feel the damage is beyond repair.

Visual Inspection of all Parts

There is nothing more effective and result-oriented than a visual inspection of all parts related to your residential garage door within your city. Take out some time from your routine and inspect all important parts visually. The visual inspection will give you insights into what repairs you need.

Inspect the hinges, sensors, tracks, opener, spring line and rubber seal, among many items, to ensure that the structure of the door is good to last during the winter season or not. The hinges and the sensors usually are the first to fall prey to damages, which is why you should have them inspected before everything else.

Check Bottom Seal

Your garage door has a seal or astragal located at the bottom of the garage door. This equipment is meant to ensure that the garage door closes softly and that there is no friction. The bottom seal not only maintains good upkeep of the door but also keeps out animals like mice, chipmunks, rats and squirrels during the winter season. These animals often squeeze in through broken parts of the seal and get inside for the warmth your garage offers. Thus, have a look at the bottom seal and replace it if you feel it wouldn’t hold you safe against an animal invasion.

Run Maintenance Inspections

Maintenance inspections and repairs can do wonders for your garage door. A good repairman would take your maintenance job seriously and look at all garage door components and see what can be done to improve security. Moreover, there are certain components of the door that can deplete over time. Hence, you should duly replace them within the correct time to limit the occurrence of any major damage outside of business hours.

Garage door openers also go faulty over time, which is why you can also schedule glass door opener repairs periodically.

Install a Camera

Having a camera near the main commercial garage door gives you the security you need in such situations. The camera would augment the purpose of the garage door and give you a flawless security regime. This will limit all kinds of crime and ensure that your garage is a safe haven for your vehicle and other necessities.

Get the Best Doors

Getting solid commercial garage doors initially can help you out with your security concerns. A stitch in time saves nine, which is why you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the door in a bid to save costs. Have the best garage door installed by the best professionals to ensure that the door isn’t found lacking when it is time for it to stand tall.

A good garage door will not only keep all kinds of criminals away but also give you the durability and convenience you require from it. Just make sure you don’t go for cheap after market alternatives in a bid to save money.

These security checks will keep you covered during the winter season as you step into what’s to come. The winters can be harsh, which is why it is necessary that you follow the maintenance and checking tips mentioned in this article and implement them in your garage doors. Have a safe winter and enjoy the views of the season.


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