Should You Renovate or Repair Your Driveway?

December 21, 2021


Not many people know that a driveway or a garage has a big impact on buyers' purchase decisions and can influence the property's price.

Driveways are a big part of the house for many reasons. It keeps the car safe, and some buyers prefer having a designated loading and unloading area for their passengers instead of the road.

But, it's also more prone to wear and tear. Extreme weather conditions also contribute to the damage as cities that experience harsh weather like Minneapolis, California, Iowa, and Illinois (among others) would know.

As any homeowner, your place's comfort level and aesthetics are important. Your priority is the safety of your family, your guests, and your vehicle.

Why do you need to repair your driveway?

Issues with your driveway can cause safety hazards and will reflect poorly on your property. Also, driveways are easier to show wear and tear from everyday use, age, and harsh seasons.

Renovating will improve your home design and provide your family and acquaintances with safe passage to your home.

Indicators that you should renovate or repair your driveway

It's not easy to tell whether your driveway needs to be repaired or renovated, but here are some signs that it needs fixing.

  1. Appearance of cracks

The appearance of large cracks or holes is often the first clue that you need to repair your driveway. For small cracks, you can easily repair them with a crack sealer, but large ones should be done by professionals.

Why do cracks happen? They appear when the soil underneath the concrete or pavement contracts or expands, which is often caused by extreme weather conditions. This can worsen if chemicals like oil or gas enter the cracks and weaken the concrete. Similarly, water can seep into them and freeze and expand.

Note that the crack's depth, length, and width indicate the damage it already incurred. The wider, longer, and deeper they are, the more repairs you might have to make.

2. You notice an uneven ground

Driveways are usually even and smooth, so if you notice an uneven appearance, it's a sign that it's in dire need of repair. When concrete isn't leveled, it becomes a dangerous spot and could even lead to accidents. You don't want people to fall because of the uneven surface in your driveway.

Left unfixed, it could lead to further damage like breaking and crumbling. Water puddling can cause additional damage as well.

If you live in a region with occasional climate change, water can seep into the cracks and then freeze.

Freezing can cause issues as ice tend to expand, causing further damages. The good thing is that finding reliable residential paving servicesis a lot easier now, so it's easier for you to fix the damage.

3. Worn out places in your driveway

Those many years of driving and parking will pile up and wear out particular spots in your driveway. These spots or ruts will usually be around the area where you park your vehicle.

The more severe the rut is, the more bothersome it will be as it can cause you to get stuck in that area - nobody wants to get stuck in their own driveway.

4. Age

As with all things in your home, your driveway will show signs of aging. Although concrete is a very durable material, it will wear out and fade over time. The weather will make it look old, faded, and weak. These issues will be solved with repaving.

Should You Fix or Replace?

There are small issues that can easily be fixed with fillings or sealants. These simple solutions can prevent the damage from getting worse. But if the problem persists, you should call a professional for help as your driveway may need to be replaced or renovated.

The quality of your home should be one of your priorities. Not only will it increase your level of comfort and safety, but it will also increase the value of your property, especially if it's a part of your home that's very visible and something you use daily, like your driveway.

Overall, your driveway can significantly affect the functionality of your home and your quality of life. If you see any sign of damage, address it immediately or ask a professional to help you.



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