Six home remodeling projects that aren't as costly as you think

December 9, 2021



Every person dreams of owning a welcoming and comforting home that fulfills their living needs and wants. But accomplishing this dream while working with a low remodeling budget is undoubtedly challenging.

However, DIYers everywhere are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their living space without breaking the bank. While taking a DIY approach will allow you to save a ton of cash, it will prove to be counterproductive when you're looking to remodel your home.

In fact, it might end up costing you more when you decide to remodel your home by yourself if you cannot differentiate between a power drill and a table saw. Sometimes, hiring a professional and spending a few extra bucks is better than doing something yourself.

There are other issues to think about when hiring a professional. First is, hiring a professional can be costly, and second, your home will look like a dumping ground until the work is complete. These two things typically prevent homeowners from reinventing their living space altogether.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean they should forget about a home remodel. In fact, with the help of a few home remodeling tips and tricks, you too can have the house of your dreams today, and that without spending a pretty penny.

Some of these tips are listed below.

Install new lighting. 

The proper lighting will help lift any living space. Not to mention, you can purchase new, modern light fixtures without spending an arm and a leg. With the availability of tons of lighting options to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice.

You can also play around with different colored lights or mix and match them with your interior décor to give your home a unique ambiance.

Here's a pro tip; consider hiring a Des Moines handyman to install them properly without running into issues like a wrong socket or faulty connections.

Apply a fresh coat of paint. 

As per numerous homeowners, one of the best ways to remodel your home and keep things under budget is by applying a fresh coat of paint. To take things to the next level and save more cash, construct stone walls or go for a stone-textured wallpaper, both on the inside and outside of your living space.

The best thing about stone walls compared to paint is that they require little to no maintenance. All you need to do is take a pressure washer and clean accumulated dirt and dust, especially on the outside walls.

Refinish your kitchen cabinetry. 

There is no doubt that the kitchen is an essential component of your house and it requires the most attention. However, remodeling a kitchen will usually cost thousands of dollars. After all, remodeling a kitchen means adding to cabinetry and appliance, which can leave a burning hole in your pocket.

But, there is one way you can remodel your kitchen and keep things under budget; refinishing your kitchen cabinetry.

Sand down your existing cabinets, apply a wood stain that you like, and you'll be good to go. Furthermore, refinishing your existing kitchen cabinetry will prevent you from spending money on new cabinets altogether while getting the most life out of them.

Make smart furniture purchase decisions. 

Your furniture choices will play a critical role in deciding how your home feels and looks. So, a quick and low-cost technique to remodel your living space is by refurbishing existing furniture.

But, if your existing furniture is broken or damaged, consider repairing, buying second-hand, or getting new ones to save yourself the hassle.

You'd be happy to know that there are many second-hand furniture shops out there that sell sofas, coffee tables, and other pieces of furniture for half the price. So, take advantage of these shops and purchase second-hand furniture whenever you get the chance.

You can always apply new upholstery for a fraction of the price of new, out-of-the-box furniture.

Add a touch of art.

You've recently painted your walls with your favorite shade of hue. However, something seems amiss, and they look empty. If that's the case, consider placing a few art pieces to give your walls the uplift they need.

Unfortunately, every homeowner doesn't have a collection of art lying around in storage. Not to mention, you wouldn't want to put up generic art pieces as they will make your home feel and look outdated.

That said, consider going online and searching for art pieces that you like. You will find a plethora of options that range from originals to copies. But, it would be wise to purchase art pieces that allow you to keep things under budget.

What's more, you can also print a poster of your favorite work by Picasso or other painters to save even more cash. The possibilities are endless here.

Upgrade your windows. 

Buying suitable window styles can be challenging due to the availability of thousands of options in the market. That said, to avoid creating confusion, consider purchasing simple window blinds.

So, while not every homeowner is blessed with a mountainous view, the right window choice will end up impacting how your home looks and feels. For instance, simple windows blinds will be best for homeowners looking for a minimalistic look.

In addition, geometrically patterned curtains will dot the trick if you want your home to look and feel fancy. Whatever you decide to go with, ensure that your window dressing choices gel well with other design aspects of your home.


While it can be tough to remodel your home and stay under budget, these days, reinventing your house is all about making a few budget-friendly, intelligent upgrades. Of course, paint peeling away from your home's walls doesn't always mean that it needs a complete remodel.

Consider upgrading your home from time to time to breathe some fresh life into it and avoid spending thousands of dollars on fixing issues that you could've prevented in the first place.



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