Space Saving Tips for Your Bedroom

December 13, 2021

Everybody deserves a good bedroom. But let's be honest, deciding all the furniture, including everything we like, coordinating everything and keeping the room space is a difficult task. You can hire a professional but including a professional service has a massive impact on your budget.

Although the standard bedroom is of 10'×10' and 12'×12', the trend is to build more compact and minimalistic rooms now. But we have to make the best out of what we have, and it doesn't have to be cramped and messy. There has to be a perfect solution! And there is.

Space Saving Mantra for your bedroom-

  • Underbed Storage- The best way to create extra storage is by raising the bed frame to create storage space underneath. So you either get that built that way, you also get a ready-made bed with storage, or you can use the various DIY tricks available online. Make sure the bed uses cubby storage instead of drawers so that the room is not cramped up while opening or closing the drawers. Your bed is usually the most space-consuming furniture in the room, so the best way to make your room spacious is by tucking your bed into a corner.


  • Closet Placing: Closet is the second-largest space-consuming factor. You can go for custom fitted wardrobes, which is a wardrobe that is fitted to the wall. That way, the closet is also moved to the very corner, just like the bed, and there is a lot of room to move around in between the bedroom. There are also new options like closet organization which comes with hardware that builds rails and space to store your stuff without creating a proper closet. Yes, it is space-saving and works, but many people might not be comfortable with open storage.


  • Shelves: Normally, building shelves in small rooms isn't a good idea because they take up space and make your room look small. But we have a trick where you build shelves in the corners and at a certain height to not look clunky. You can also get a floating shelf to avoid all these clusters.If your room has high ceilings, make a ceiling-high shelf and buy a foldable ladder. It can be used to add a decoration factor or store stuff.

Apart from this, consider placing a bookcase with bins or baskets, used as makeshift drawers making it a perfect example of how you can use one piece of furniture for multiple purposes and save space.

  • Mirrors: We have been suggesting to go small on every piece of furniture. But mirrors are one aspect where you need to go big. There are different ways to add mirrors. You can either stand a mirror across the room or place a hanging mirror above your bed. Other than this, you can also attach mirrors to the backs of your doors. The addition of big mirrors makes your room look wider and taller. Mirror also adds color and beauty to your room by reflecting light instead of absorbing it.


  • Fold-down items of furniture: Another great way to save a lot of space is getting fold-down furniture. These furniture items are helpful because you fold them back up against the wall. They're available in shapes, sizes, and styles. You can get your drawers, shelves, and even your bed to go fold down. In addition to saving space, this furniture gives your room a smart edge. It also is a way to transform your room during the day and at night which adds a wow factor.



You can easily find hundreds of space-saving ideas, but they might not be suitable for your room, and they will cost you a fortune. The tricks we mention here are generic and can be used in any bedroom. Yes, these will also cost you a considerable amount, but furniture and room decor are always expensive.

Apart from this, there are two most important things to consider. Remember, less is more. Use minimum furniture, and your room will automatically look spacious. And secondly, always keep your space organized. A messy room is never attractive. But it is a disaster when you have a small bedroom, and you keep it organized. Stay organized, go small, and you'll have the bedroom of your dreams.




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