The Secrets Of A Stress Free Home Sale

December 13, 2021

It’s often said there are three times when the pressure of life is at its absolute peak. Those are marriage, the birth of your first child and moving house. While all equally massive events only one can come with serious financial repercussions if things go wrong.

Selling your home can feel like walking a tightrope. There are so many factors at play that can knock you off and leave you out of pocket or feeling anxious. From legal paperwork to the price of your sale and purchase, there is an endless amount that could potentially go wrong for you.

There are no two ways about it, selling your home will be stressful. That being said, there are plenty of things you can do to minimise the amount of stress you will be under throughout the process of moving. In this guide we will be giving the best examples of ways you can relieve the pressure and avoid the hassle that comes with a prolonged or poorly handled house sale.

Get Your Home In Perfect Order

Ideally when you decide to sell up it won’t be a sudden decision. Having a rough time scale of when you plan to put your house on the market is crucial, it leaves you a buffer to prepare your home and ensure that you are spending your time and money in the best way.

Considering upgrading your bathroom? It’s vital to consider if the money you spend will be reflected in the house sale if you are planning on moving in 12 months. Tasking tradesmen with upgrading your home to maximise the end list price isn’t unusual, but it does mean you need to be smart with the improvements you choose.

Failing this, ensure that your home is clean and well presented when expecting both estate agents and potential buyers to the property. Clear away children’s toys, ensure pets are out of the house where possible and conduct a thorough top to bottom clean to keep that first impression of your home as great as possible.

Opt For An Estate Agent Rather Than Going It Alone

There are endless options available when it comes to choosing how to sell your house. Avoiding the dreaded estate agents commission can seem like a no brainer, with sites like Purple Bricks allowing you to sell with zero commission paid. However these sites firstly require an upfront fee, and secondly place a greater burden on you as the sole person responsible for the correct sale of your house.

Opting for an estate agent means that you have a person in your camp, helping you get the best price and showing your home to the widest market possible. Furthermore you have a degree of shared responsibility that is covered, with all UK vendors having professional indemnity insurance for estate agents, which covers you in case you are giving incorrect advice or if your house sale is mishandled.

Going it alone may have it’s financial benefits if you nail the ins and outs of the selling process, but opting for the support of an estate agent means your chances of doing things right the first time are much greater.

Select A Local Solicitor

Unlike estate agents, everyone selling their home requires legal assistance. The process of selling comes with costs even before the final price of your home is agreed, and a solicitor is certainly one of them. That can mean that some people opt for a cheaper, online only solution, which is something you could regret.

The legal process of selling a home will be lost to most, but an experienced local conveyancing solicitor is invaluable to guide you through the process. Having the ability to go in face to face and see the person responsible for securing the sale of your home is crucial. Online only approaches can lead to headaches and multiple chased emails, with no alternative to chase.

Consider reviews and their reputation locally then call around the 3 or 4 most attractive who are a reasonable distance away. Don’t be surprised if you get told a wide array of prices, and don’t be afraid to tell a solicitor if a local rival out quoted them! While they will have no interest in price matching online firms, you may benefit and get your price matched at your preferred solicitors.

Don’t Second Guess Your Sale

The housing market is extremely volatile, and as such many can wait with baited breath for the best time to put their home up for sale. The primary factor for you moving should be your financial security, if you can afford to and need to move house then be confident and don’t be afraid to agree to a price.

Waiting a few more months for the average house price to rise seems like a good idea, but playing the market very rarely plays out as well as people imagine. The gap between you selling and agreeing a price on your new property is usually slim, meaning if you get an extra £10,000 for the sale you’ll just end up passing it on to your prospective sellers anyway.

If you are unsure this can be another area where an estate agent can help. Having someone you can trust and consult with is crucial, especially when you consider the experience that years of home sales brings to them.

Set Your Price & Stick To It

Hard negotiation is common across all walks of life, and no one likes buying a home (or anything!) for more than is absolutely necessary. When you’re selling a house then this can result in unnecessary stress from those trying to get the best possible deal.

To circumnavigate this many people over price their home knowing that they will be knocked down, while this can be effective you can often end up putting people off from even viewing your property. If you choose to go for this route then just be conscious of the impact overpricing can have on interest.

Similarly it’s generally best to avoid the ‘Offers In Excessive’ price tag, as it only encourages people by showing them your minimum acceptable offer. It’s more effective in most cases to instead just list your home for a flat fee and not accept offers below that line.



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