Top 5 celebrity houses on Airbnb

December 6, 2021

Wants to rent these big insane celerity houses with incredible interiors and exteriors? Everyone dreamed of one to live a luxurious celebrity life then why don't you live in a celebrity place?

Yes, I am right. Think about it; you are on vacation and living in a lush and luminous apartment of any celebrity that you have seen in the pictures of magazines. Now you are lying in that luxurious apartment and having fun over here enjoying your time.

Now, come to the reality and don't get disheartened. You can still live in an apartment where your favorite stars have lived.

But you must be thinking how? provides you the opportunity to live in your favorite celebrity house at budget-friendly rents. You have to search and rent the apartments to live in your dream house on your vacations.

Many celebrities listed their houses on rental vocational sites or Airbnb, where people search and rent celebrity houses.

So, I have aligned up the list of the top 5 celebrity houses on Airbnb

Julie Andrews house

Yes, that house you saw in the magazine list of most beautiful celebrity houses. It is a modern house in New York built for the choreographer Eugene Loring and his partner. This house is located on 7 acres of land close to Hudson, Woodstock, and New Paltz.

This house has a beautiful interior and exterior with comprehensive and extensive mirrored Windows, doors that best view the garden. This house includes two big bedrooms with big windows and two-and-half bathrooms.

Also, it has a dance Studio room and writer's tower for fun and party. William Dafoe once also lived in the home and called this place home.

For one night stay, you have to pay 500 dollars which I think it's a highly moderate amount if you want to live beautiful and luxurious celebrity house.

Donna Karan

Fancy living is waiting for you here. Don't miss the chance to live in the house of a great fashion designer located in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Donna Karan, whom you might see on the fashion shows. The tamarind villa will cost you up to £7,130 a night. These are two big villas with private overflow swimming pools, a 24/7 butler, a private gym, and a beach view.

Kevin Jonas

Suppose you want to rent a house in general, then which celebrity house is better than Kevin Jonas's 6-bedroom home in Danville. This home would work for you for £15,000 per night, in which you can get a perfect crash pad for the games, the cinema room, saltwater pool, and many other facilities.

Elizabeth Taylor

If you are clever and love the objects in the artistic display view, then the Palm Spring home is best for you in California and belongs to Elizabeth Taylor. It has three bedrooms with Grand Piano and a luxurious pool. The houses are full of prideful processions and full of oil painting objects, photography displays, and for one night, it will cost £465.

Charlie Chaplin

The Cottage of Charlie Chaplin was built in Central LA. The cottage is the most significant intersection center point of the city. It was designed in 1920 which is adorably situated with the historic touch. It is worth £141 a night.

Wrapping up

Now it's up to you to choose from the five celebrities' homes mentioned above and enjoy your vacation.


Carlos Diaz
I believe in making the impossible possible because there’s no fun in giving up. Travel, design, fashion and current trends in the field of industrial construction are topics that I enjoy writing about.

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