Top 5 Rabbit Paintings

December 15, 2021

The reason why the drawings of rabbits have been constantly sought after is their charm to lure the younger and the older generation. Rabbits are cute little intelligent creatures with deep eyes that can win hearts. Their paintings depict emotions of love, empathy, innocence, responsibility, and loyalty. Besides, you can trace their resemblance with mythological characters to ancient times.

Many believe rabbits to be popular birth symbols and associated with the cycle of birth and resurrection. With their ability to breed faster than other animals, they are an implication of sensuality and fertility. Rabbits are also included in the Virgin Mary and Jesus paintings as rabbits tend to produce offspring asexually. Rabbit is also considered to be a divine being possessing magical powers and is compared with the moon.

Some of these beautiful paintings are depicted below with tales of their masters and their descriptions.

The White Rabbit, illustration from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll 1832-9 painted by John Tenniel

Sir John Tenniel was the face behind the artist who brought life to the characters in Lewis Carrol's very famous fiction - Alice in Wonderland. He engraved each character and incident on wooden blocks and worked until perfection to have them exactly depicted in the story. The white rabbit instantly won hearts on his first appearance.

The appearance was queer, representing a wise older man with a coat and a watch in one hand exclaiming he would be late with the queen waiting for him. This sudden human-like appearance arouses a surprise element in the readers. Tenniel's way of representing an illustration was absorbing that people tend to believe it to be true. It's an artist's art to make their works come alive and happen in front of their eyes.

The White rabbit appears again in the king's court and the queen of hearts, wherein he is holding a scroll of parchment paper in one hand with a trumpet in the other. The style of Sir John Tenniel in describing the painting is filling each character with fine lines to get the required depth at appropriate places in the structure.

The rabbit has worn a dress aptly matching the theme of hearts in a pack of cards. His big large eyes are a great source of attraction. Sir John Tenniel perfected using elements of depth, space, and time in his artworks, and the White Rabbit is one such illustration of this master artist.

Rabbit Among the Fairies by John Anster Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald was highly interested in fairies and was also known as the fairy painter. He had a knack for deft use of fairies as a subject, in a way resembling his drug use in his works. He painted several artworks making fairies an issue and revolving around other innocent animals like rabbits, squirrels, etc.

Contrary to our childhood stories and visions of fairies assisting nature and humankind, Fitzgerald painted fairies tormenting species. The stated painting is an example of how the rabbit harasses an innocent rabbit. The rabbit's eyes instantly arouse an element of sympathy and the pain he undergoes in suffering the torment. All the fairies are distinctly different from each other. Each detail gives proper justice to various segments of the whole masterpiece. This rabbit painting is among the most popular paintings and composition had its role.

Venus, Mars, and Cupid 1490 by Piero Di Cosimo

Since ancient times, the rabbit has symbolized physical love and lust. The God of Wars - Venus is evidently in love with Venus, with cupid being the outcome of their love. The rabbit held by the cupid symbolically represents this love. Cosimo has depicted his Bohemian style in this landscape artwork involving nature and its elements. Mars is shown to be reclining after a heavy day opposite Venus. Venus, on the other hand, looks at her love with affectionate eyes.

The same love is between the two doves below, deftly kissing each other. The other cupids in the background are holding the armor, shield, and helmet of Mars. Also, the flowery patch on the head side of Mars adds to the love effect naturally. The painting is bound to evoke love, lust, and sexuality, conveying that love wins wars.

Young Hare I by Albrecht Durer

This portrait is probably the most famous realistic work of Albrecht Durer. It was crafted in 1502 and is now in Albertina, in Vienna. There have been loads of reproductions in textbooks, carvings in wood, stone, copper, three-dimensional figures in plastic or paper, printed on plastic bags, and ostrich eggs.

Durer then painted another version of this hare that was a description of a mythological character - Wolpertinger. According to German folk stories, Wolpertingers are a reproduction of mating of a hare and a deer wherein the offspring has a hare's body and a deer's horns. Albert's Young hare was realistic and hence has been precisely used to depict Wolpertinger. It's a popular display in many exhibitions, art fairs, and galleries.

Holy Family with Three Hares by Albrecht Durer

Durer has conveyed his love for rabbits in yet another painting, demonstrating Baby Jesus, Virgin Mary, Joseph, three rabbits, and cupids. Jesus being the Messiah, is reading a book of scriptures trying to understand the Word of God. The three rabbits from this painting were symbolically placed in the Paderborn Cathedral in Muotathal Monastery, Switzerland.

They were sharing only three ears among them and were known as the symbol of the Trinity. Thus, they were rightfully called - The holy family with three hares.

Time and again, Jesus is aptly depicted in paintings of various artists. By one way or the other, rabbits hold a special place in the pictures of Jesus as they are also a symbol of resurrection. You can see the rabbit in the painting of Titian, Mary, and infant Jesus to symbolize his rebirth and appearance after death.


Rabbits are small animals with deft legs, intelligent eyes, and their swiftness and strength can protect them from falling prey to other animals. They are a representation of Jesus to announce his resurrection. Rabbits are also a part of paintings of love and lust or represented as witty creatures in fictional stories and win hearts with their comic yet robust appearance.

All in all, rabbits are a symbol of innocence and love and are considered to bring fortune. They are a must-have heart-winning creature and fun to be around. If you wish to have rabbit oil paintings adorning the walls of your house, you can have them from the 1st Art Gallery.


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