Top 5 smart home devices you need to Automate Your Life

December 26, 2021

Rare people can imagine their life without innovative technologies or at least, basic accommodations that facilitate our lives a lot. The year 2021 has shown the most impressive smart home technologies ever.

No, the latest smart home technology trends are not limited to Alexa or Siri nowadays. The top mobile app development companies have been working on home optimization and it is necessary to admit, have reached remarkable success in it. Different types of smart home technology allow you to make barbecue or grill chicken, vacuum the floor, and turn off the light in any of your rooms whenever you need it. Those devices make your life much cozier, convenient and complete a lot of household tasks for you.

The benefits of smart home technology go far beyond entertainment and fun. They really make everyone’s life easier and meet the user's needs. Check the list of these five smart home products and devices that will simply make you say “wow”. Who knows, once trying, you may not imagine your life without them anymore.


Everyone uses Google in everyday life. However, it stopped being just a search engine a long time ago. Google has created a smart homes technology with multiple features. The system includes the Google Assistant, integrated support into multiple third-party devices, and the Google Nest variety of devices.

The Google Assistant can be used to create tasks and to-do lists, communicate with people, play Nest games, collect local information, get answers to your questions, and many other things. Thanks to it, you can control a bunch of other popular applications on your smartphone. It is integrated into Android devices, including cars, phones, speakers, TVs, watches, etc.

The evolution of the Google Nest is also significant. Its range of products includes more than just Home speakers now. You can use a thermostat, doorbell, indoor/outdoor cams, smart lock, and other devices. Google is also compatible with all kinds of smart home devices, including D-LINK smart plus, August smart locks, Maytag dishwashers, the LIFX Color smart lights, etc. You can control these devices with your Google Assistance and integrate them into the Google Nest.

Amazon Alexa

When speaking about smart home technology companies, it is impossible not to mention Amazon Alexa that is compatible with millions of devices. It is one of the most available and affordable systems nowadays. If you didn’t know that, Alexa is built into a bunch of smart products now.

You can easily access and control each aspect of your home with this app. Speaking to Spotify or turning on/off the lights is easy with Alexa. It integrates smoothly with the majority of other smart products by Nest, Philips, Schlage, Samsung, etc. So, what can Alexa do? Here you go:

  • close your garage
  • adjust the temperature at home
  • lock the doors, etc.

This is definitely one of the best smart home technology ideas for everyone.

Apple HomeKit

If we are talking about Google and Alexa, we cannot avoid Apple HomeKit that does not lag behind that “company”. Although it is quite weird for this company, it is still compatible with the majority of other smart devices. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong — in the case of Apple HomeKit you are not limited to iOS devices.

The name of the app is, actually, Apple Home. Whilst using it, you can find other devices on your home network and integrate them into your setup. They are easily controlled with the help of Siri, as well as other apps on your iOS devices. Moreover, you can create Home Hubs and control your HomeKit devices remotely. Grant access to others if necessary.

The role of Home Hubs can be played by HomePods, Apple TVs, and iPads. HomeKit can operate well with smoke alarms, doorbells, ceiling fans, etc.

NetGear Arlo Q

While all previous systems only contain smart home features, this is a device that will be very helpful in your household. It will cost you $84.99. It is not good for fun and entertainment but the best for the security of your home. This device records top-quality video and audio, as well as makes images of people in pitch-blackness. Those images are of exceptional quality.

Even whilst working, users can customize whether the camera automatically records. You can also set the cam to a time-based schedule. The app is not free and quite costly, so you can have seven days and audio and video backup for free.

LG Smart TV

This smart TV is well-known to everyone and it is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Many people do not imagine their lives without this device and if you have not tried it yet, you definitely should. Connect Hulu and Netflix to it, a cable box, as well as other video devices. This TV has a voice control option and you can search for your favorite show or movie by just giving voice commands.

The basic version of this smart TV will cost you $479.99 and it will be integrated with major streaming services, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

The benefits of smart homes are obvious and you can use either different systems or separate devices that integrate into them. Their prices vary and definitely, anyone can choose the device or system suitable for their wallet.

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