Top 7 tips to create more space at homes

December 26, 2021

Yes, it’s a huge problem now. With more and more people migrating to the city because of job opportunities, apartments are getting less and less spacious every year. But space does not restrict our options to decorate our house.

And, what if I say, that using some decor actually causes the illusion of a bigger house?

Yes, that is indeed possible.

It doesn’t matter, if your apartment is big or small, you can still make it spacious, by adding certain elements. And in this post, we will know 7 ways how to do that.

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Now, let’s begin:

1. Use mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of a bigger house.

If you keep big mirrors, near windows or verandah, where a lot of light comes in, it will automatically make the home brighter. There are a lot of inspirations on the internet, find the perfect one, and voila!

2. Hide your clothes

If you have a small apartment then make sure you don’t have clothes lying around in your house. It’s understandable that most apartments do not have larger closet space, and they don’t even allow to have an extra cabinet for that. But that is where you have to use your creative side.

Clothes lying around the house make it look more crowded and clustered. Consider hiding your clothes under your bed by keeping them in small storage boxes. Roll them if you need them, it will give you more space.

When you complete it. Cover it with a large blanket so that it’s not visible to others.

3. Clean up your bathroom

The first place we step in early in the morning is the bathroom – if that isn’t clean or organized, it’s going to mess with the aesthetics of your entire hours.

So, keep everything organized in your bathroom. From your shampoos, daily soaps, and toiletries.

Add a small shelf, or an organizer if you need to. They come in very handy in storing all the toilet supplies together.

Keep everything in order, so that you feel stuffy all the time.

Pro Tip: Since we are on the cleaning topic, also make sure that your broom closet is clean. Don’t throw away your brooms inside the closet once you finish washing everything.

Instead, clean it and then keep it organized.

4. Make most of the overhead spaces

Most of the time, the overhead spaces are ignored when one shifts into a new apartment. But that place can instead prove to be the most useful.

Fold up your extra home supplies and seasonal items and keep them there.

You will be surprised to see how much extra space you will be left with.

5. Attach a hook

Do you remember the hooks that you have at the back of the door? Yeah! Now you can not only use it in your rooms. But in your kitchen and bathrooms too.

Get an S-shaped hook installed at the back of the bathroom door and kitchen counter. Then you will be able to hang storage bags and store all the little supplies there.

6. Add lights

If your apartment has yellow, low-watt bulbs that create shadows at different corners of the house. Change it NOW. Get LED-lights as replacements.


Because bright lights create the illusion of a visually expanded home, even when that’s not the case. You can get extra creative and install them behind mirrors, under cabinets, and even on the ceiling. And then just wait for the magic to happen!

7. Paint it well

In addition to using bright lights in your house, you can repaint your apartment if you want it to feel more spacious and welcoming. In that case use more bright and neutral shades like pastel pink, blue, or even white. Avoid colors like black, deep blue, or purple.

Also, you can play around with different patterns or even put a wall sticker on your walls.

It will further add to the aesthetics of your house.

Over to you…

Now that you are enlightened about all the ways you can make your house more spacious, I am sure you will be able to create a perfect home for yourself.

Wish you luck.


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