Top 8 Glass Window Cleaning Tips For Newbies

December 27, 2021

If you have glass windows, you will know the amount of hard work it takes to clean them. Naturally, you’ll want your windows to look spotless and perfect, just like the day they were installed.

But keeping glass windows shiny and clean takes quite a bit of work, so much so that people look for window glass replacements soon after they buy a new set. Nevertheless, glass windows are an extremely popular choice in many homes.

Did you know that the flat glass global market was estimated to be around $265.85 billion in 2020? If you have beautiful glass windows in your own house and would like to know how to clean them, keep reading on!

1. Window cleaning equipment

No matter what glass you have used for your windows, the basic cleaning tools remain the same. You shall need a 10 or 12-inch squeegee, a scrubber or sponge, a bucket, a dish soap, and some clean towels. Remember to keep the squeegee fitted with sharp rubber blades.

If possible, buy a few extra blades. In case you have to work with just one squeegee, you can reverse the side to expose the fresher side. This will help the squeegee to last longer. When you store this away, make sure nothing touches the blade.

2. Window cleaning solution

The best window cleaning solution is also the simplest one. All you have to do is take about two gallons of water and a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Mix them well in your bucket. Some people prefer vinegar instead of dishwashing liquid, but that’s a personal choice.

If the weather is warm, you can easily use cool water for washing. But if the area you live in tends to get extremely cold, you’ll want to be prepared beforehand. Add windshield washing solution to prevent the water from freezing on the glass.

3. Scrubbing

Coming to the cleaning part, you first have to scrub the exterior part of the glass, meaning the part that’s exposed outside the house.

Scrub this side of the glass slowly and at all possible angles. Make sure to cover every inch of the glass, and especially the corners because that is where most of the dirt accumulates.

Most people use their squeegee horizontally, but you can do it vertically too. In case you’re doing the latter, angle the squeegee in such a way that the excess water can be used to clean the dirty areas.

4. Clean in strips

Instead of moving your squeegee haphazardly all over the glass, start by positioning its edge along the corner of the glass. Now move it along a narrow strip from the top to the bottom. This easy method will help you to clean faster and leave no unclean spots in your windows.

5. Wipe the blades

After a few minutes of cleaning the windows, wipe your squeegee blades clean with a spare towel or cloth. This will remove the dirt that has been gathered and also wash away excess dirty water.

6. Work down the window

After a round of cleaning, you’ll have to begin another round. Put the top of the squeegee overlapping with the previous stroke by about 1 or 2 inches. Now pull it across a window in such a manner that the excess water is directed down. Then wipe and repeat.

7. Wipe off excess water

After you feel you have cleaned the window the best you could, it’s time to wipe. Use a cloth or rag and wipe up all the excess water that has accumulated in the bottom of the window sill.

Then insert a finger in a separate lint-free rag or cloth and run it along the perimeter of the entire window to remove any remaining suds or dirt. If you see streaks on the glass, wipe them off too using this rag. Keep changing the rags if you feel they have become very dirty or wet.

8. Clean inside too

Just like you cleaned the window outside, you can do the same inside. But to avoid excess dripping, you must squeeze out the suds from the scrubber. Rest the scrubber on the bucket’s edge inside of dipping it in every time.

Over to you…

While window cleaning isn’t a terribly tough task, it takes a little time and patience. Remember to change your blades and rags as often as possible. If you follow these tips, your windows will look brand new again!


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