Top Ten Tips To Build Kid-Friendly Homes

December 14, 2021

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Top Ten Tips To Build Kid-Friendly Homes

It is every parent’s dream to provide their kids an ideal home to grow up in; a place where they will be free, happy and safe. It should be a place they will be proud to call home. What does an ideal kid-friendly home look like?

Less furniture, more space

Kids are always on the move, and it makes sense to give them enough space to move, and to minimize any obstacles in their way. In a kid-friendly house, there should be minimal furniture to make movement free and fun. A cluttered home is not a kid-friendly place. With the extra space comes more movement which is the ideal way to burn off the energy that all kids seem to be endowed with!

Childproof your home

Childproofing your home means making your house safe for your kids to live in, and taking care to avoid accidents. When you plan your home, take care to place electrical sockets high on walls where kids cannot reach. The same goes for medicine and kitchen cabinets. There should be enough storage space so that nothing lies around without a place to be put in and locked up. When you choose furniture, go for those with rounded corners instead of sharp edges. Children tend to bump into those. Check out Lifestyle Medicine for more information.

Give space for creativity

Educated and aware parents do not punish kids for drawing on walls. It is something most kids do without instruction, and with a lot of messy results. And it is a great start for boosting the creativity that is dormant in every child. So, as parents who want their kids to be creative, yet want a clean home, what can you do? You can use chalkboard paint on a small wall, or on the entire wall of one room and make it known that this is the ‘creativity room’. You can also use semi-gloss paint when painting kids’ rooms. Any light color is ok, and you can wash off markers, crayons or chalk very easily.

A room for each child

It is a contentious issue. Should siblings share a room or should each have his/her own room? When children are small, it makes sense to have them share a room. It boosts bonding, lessens anxiety and often is fun when young kids share a room. But when they reach puberty, sometimes even before that, with growing individuation, they will begin to have a desire to have a place of their own. It is often the first step towards independent living. When you build your house, it is very much advisable to have a room for each of your children, with an attached bathroom. The layout and decoration of the kids’ rooms are best left to them, with occasional guidance from parents.

Kid-friendly flooring

Kid-friendly flooring choices are abundant nowadays. Laminate flooring is an option for those who are on a low budget as it is durable, non-allergic and low maintenance. However, hardwood is a more popular choice as it sustains through likely damages such as stains and looks classy at the same time. It is ideal for kids who are allergic because it collects less dust and animal fur. If your flooring choices are different, mats are a good option to cover your floor. Even if it gets dirty you just need to replace with a new mat.

Space for garden

Connection with nature is something that has to be nurtured in children. While designing homes in urban areas, it would be a good idea to leave enough space on the balcony or any other suitable place, for an indoor garden. It just needs to be well-lighted, with a provision for water connection. Watering the plants can be one of the enjoyable chores assigned to the kids.

Bean bag furniture

Bean bag furniture never goes out of fashion, and is extremely kid-friendly. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors to match your living room décor, and at the same time provides a safe place for kids to jump on and have a good time. They blend fine with the rest of the furniture, if you select the right size and color. Bean bag furniture will indeed be a valuable addition to your kid-friendly living room.

Kid-friendly framed cork boards

Kids do a lot of art work, sometimes good ones and at other times, not-so-good ones. But they would like to display all their artwork no matter good or bad, and it boosts their self-esteem to do so. Therein lies the relevance of kid-friendly framed cork boards. All the drawing and painting projects the kids have can go on the cork boards. It can be right in the living room so that guests can admire and put in a word of praise for the little artists!

Design a library

Yes! Have your own library and reading space at home. Kids should grow up reading, and it makes sense to store all your books in one room, and to designate that room as where everyone will go to read books. You can design the room in such a way that preschool and early childhood books will go into the bottom shelf where the kids themselves can pick them up. Make it a comfortable and inviting place to read by arranging cushions or thick rugs on the floor and strategically placed, good lighting.

Walls ready for photos

A building or house becomes a home when there is love and life in it. When you design a kid-friendly home, you should remember that it is where kids are growing up, and where they will have their childhood memories of. It is a very good idea to design walls with space to hang photos of kids at different stages of growing up. It will add warmth and a loving finish to your home.

There! You have the top ten tips to build a kid-friendly home!



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