Treatments For Bed Bug Infestation

December 6, 2021


Pest control professionals have a variety of treatment methods and products at their disposal to treat a pest infestation issue. Some pest control treatment Brisbane North are more effective than others, but all of them require a certain amount of preparation and effort. If you're facing bed bug infestation, it's essential to understand the different treatment options and what to expect from each.

Beds bugs are tiny insects that feed on human blood. They often hide in mattresses, bedding, box springs and other places near their human hosts. People are typically bitten on exposed areas of the body, such as the arms or legs.

Pest control professionals have several treatment options for dealing with bed bug infestations. They can use heat, cold, poison or a combination thereof to get rid of the bugs.

Let's take a look at these methodologies and what customers can expect from them:


Heat treatment

One popular treatment for bed bugs is heat. Heat kills bed bugs and their eggs so that a heated room will kill any bugs or eggs present. For example, heating a room to 120 degrees Fahrenheit will effectively kill all bed bugs in 24 hours.

Some pest control professionals use portable heaters to treat individual rooms. Others may use large industrial heaters to heat an entire building. In either case, customers should expect to vacate the premises for some time while the heater is in use.


Cold treatment

Cold treatment is another common bed bug treatment method. Like heat treatment, cold kills bed bugs and their eggs. The main difference is that cold treatment doesn't require leaving the room unoccupied.

Instead of heating the room, pest control professionals use cold by adding special chemicals to bring down temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This crystallizes the bugs' bodily fluids, causing them to die. Cold treatment can be just as effective as heat treatment but may take longer because it takes longer to bring down the temperature of a room.


Poison treatment

Another option for bed bug removal is a pesticide. Pesticide kills bed bugs by poisoning them and making them unable to eat or reproduce. This type of treatment is often used in conjunction with heat and cold: pest control professionals will typically use pesticides before using heat or cold to get rid of any bed bugs that survived the initial treatment.

Pest control professionals may choose to use a variety of pesticides, including:

• Spray pesticides such as bifenthrin and deltamethrin can be used to get rid of bed bugs on contact. Usually, these sprays only work if they're sprayed directly on bed bugs, as they typically stay hidden during the day.

• Dust pesticides such as permethrin and boric acid can be used to kill bed bugs that come into contact with them. The dust usually has a delayed effect, meaning they don't work right away – but they will eventually kill any bugs that come into contact.

• Mattress encasements, which are made of a particular type of fabric, can help prevent bed bugs by stopping them from being able to move between mattresses. However, these encasements may need to be treated periodically with pesticides.


Expectations for the pest control treatment

Customers should always expect at least some disruption when pest control professionals are treating for bed bugs. For example, treatment methods such as heat and cold require the room to be vacated, and pesticide treatments may require that furniture be moved, and belongings are bagged.

In addition, it's essential to keep in mind that not all treatment methods are 100% effective. Bed bugs can be challenging to handle, and some may survive even the most thorough treatment. Customers should be prepared for a possible re-infestation after treatment is completed.

However, with careful preparation and cooperation with pest control professionals, most customers expect to see a significant reduction in bed bug populations – and eventually be rid of them altogether.



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