Upgrade Your Interior Décor by Choosing the Perfect Southwestern Rug

December 11, 2021



Southwest rug patterns, Millicent Rogers Museum | Ali Eminov | Flickr


If you are looking for stylish and appealing rugs that mesmerize you at first glance, you are in the search for the best southwestern area rugs. These rugs are unlike any other ordinary class of rugs and represent the fine art of carpets. As the name suggests, the tone of these rugs comprises natural hue ranges which represent the different types of Southwestern US landscapes, i.e., deserts and other semi-arid regions.

The most common and appealing versions of Southwestern rugs includes color ranges such as yellowish-orange, turquoise, yellowish-sunny. They are versatile, decorative, and functional as interior house rugs. These traditional area rugs will give a warm touch to the décor.

Characteristics of Southwestern Rugs

Let’s start with discussing what makes Southwestern rugs special. There are many reasons which make these traditional Southwestern area rugs one of the most popular in the market. If you want to upgrade your interior décor a with a Western accent inside your house, these are the rugs to go for.

Unique in Color and Decoration

They are highly decorative depending on the color theme of the house and the room you plan them for. Do you want to increase the interior aesthetics? If yes, you can pair up a wool-woven shawl hanging from the wall with a beautiful Southwestern rug. This traditional rug comes in a large variety such that it can suit many color themes inside the house.

The best pairing of traditional Southwestern rugs involves placing them near or around leather furniture upholstery. Western-style beds, nightstands, and couches are the most prominent furniture items that go well with Southwestern rugs. You can use several ways to accessorize your Southwestern rugs and make them look more majestic.

You may know that Mexican ceramic styles and countertops with hand paint can rejuvenate the life of different house rooms by combining with Southwestern rugs. These rugs represent the older centuries and provide a classical western touch to the house even if you have a range of different color themes.

The Tribal Influence over the Rugs

Since the rugs we are discussing belong to the Southwest US, it’s imperative to notice earth-toned, handmade, and bright color features on them. These attributes are there to represent the Native American tribes Navajo in the Southwestern region of the US. These rugs don’t have the machine touch because nearly all the craft and decorative materials like rugs are handmade in Southwestern US.

Different Styles and Options

Upon exploring the Southwestern area rugs more, you will learn that they come in a superb range of colors, sizes, patterns, themes, and shapes. You will come across different types of them in various markets. You can take your time to choose the best kind of Southwestern area rugs for your house. Showing off natural hues, these rugs can represent the natural scenery, desert, and flora of the Southwest regions of the US.

You can choose circular, oval, square, and even triangular traditional area rugs and match your unique interior décor styles.

Extensive Durability and Cleaning Ease

The main feature of Southwestern rugs is durability. They offer optimal floor coverage and arrive in lay-flat forms. If you go for lay-flat durable Southwestern rugs, they may last for years before you need to do anything to change your interior décor. They are easy to clean because they are hand-woven. Review different brands and markets before you choose one to ensure you get the traditional rug that you want.

Choosing the Perfect Southwestern Rugs – Factors to Consider


Talking about the natural appearance, when you buy an area rug, color and size are the first two things to consider. You have to find the similarities and differences in the interior décor of your house and the types of Southwestern rugs present in the market.

Only by choosing the right-colored Southwestern rug can you set the right tone for the entire house interior. Pay close attention to the existing house items like furniture to assess how your chosen Southwestern rugs variety will match with them. Your house walls and floor color theme will play a huge role in setting the tone with the type of Southwestern rug that you choose.


First and foremost, you don’ want to get a traditional area rug that is either too small or too big for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Measure the layout of the room(s) that you wish to place Southwestern area rugs in. Well, a smaller than necessary area rug will make the house interior appear too big, while an unusually bigger area rug will make the house look compact and congested.

Give proper time to assessment and think about the size of the Southwestern area rug that will suit your house. You may have an open-concept kitchen and living room, perhaps going for a bigger area rug might help.


Designs and textures are the main aesthetic factors of choosing the right type of Southwestern rugs. You should know that furniture quality and the theme will affect your decision highly in this case. For instance, if you have patterned furniture in your house, place a solid southwestern rug for a calming effect. Do you want your area rug to be eye-catching or highly subtle against the floor and wall colors/theme? Whatever the case, you should pay close attention to the colors because that’s where the essence and beauty of patterns are present.


Despite a plethora of options available these days, choosing the best type of rug to match your exceptional styles and preferences isn’t an easy task. But, if you think that going for just about any kind of rug will increase the décor of your interior, you may need to reconsider.

Choosing a rug too big or small can make the entire interior unpleasant, while an un-matching tone or color accent can deteriorate the décor. If you want the best Southwestern traditional area rugs, large shaggy rugs, you can opt for professional interior decoration assistance.


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