What Are The Different Types Of Extension Cords?

December 16, 2021


Knowledge of extension cords is a crucial and safe way of handling electricity matters around the home or workplace. Unbeknownst to many, extension cords carry a significant portion of the weight of electricity and all that pertains to it.

For this and other reasons, homeowners should be careful when picking the very best. Better still, they must familiarize themselves with the various types of extension cords available on the market.

The most common factors to consider when purchasing them are length and thickness. Here are the different types of extension cords to look out for.

Indoor Extension Cords

As the name suggests, these extension cords are meant for indoor use. Manufacturers have fitted them with all features to cater to the appliances used in residential and commercial areas.

Indoor extension cords come in various lengths and sizes in terms of thickness. A homeowner can purchase indoor extension cords depending on their uses. For instance, some of them are suited for home appliances only. On the other hand, others go both ways and cater to appliances and general indoor uses. Indoor extension cords are also subdivided into non-grounded and grounded types.

This enables users to determine how to install the extensions in question and avoid accidents of different kinds. These two groups also make it easier to shop for the cords.

Wattage is yet another factor that guides buyers when making their purchases. Longer cords are primarily the lowest wattage used for smaller home appliances such as nightstands or even portable lamps. However, TVs, computers, and fridges must be well connected to a surge protector to avoid unforeseen electrical accidents.


Outdoor Extension Cords


These extension cords are fitted with specific features that enable them to withstand the harsh and unpredictable conditions of the outdoors. These features include thicker cables resistant to extreme weather patterns, among other factors. They are primarily available in longer cords to facilitate the various activities outdoors. Shorter extension cords are not productive as they only leave the problem unsolved.

Manufacturers of outdoor extension cords have gone the extra mile and added more exciting and unique features to the outdoor extension cords. For instance, they come in different colors to take their pick.

Buyers can also find outdoor extension cords fitted with lighted connectors to enhance visibility when in use at night. Manufacturers are also keen on factors such as spt-1 and spt-2 since they determine the intended length of an extension cord.

The spt-1 vs spt-2 factor is convenient for both the manufacturer and buyer since it makes it easier to identify the cord lengths. The spt-1 and spt-2 wires vary from each other in different ways. The spt-2 is a bit thicker than the spt-1 due to the insulation fitted by the manufacturers.



Contractor Extension Cords

It doesn’t surprise that some homeowners are in the dark about the contractor extension cords. This little-known electrical item is meant for job sites that require maximum use of electricity and its respective machines and appliances.

Its name tells beginners everything they need to know concerning its uses and general nature. Contractors are usually involved in testing and fixing matters related to electricity.

Picking a quality contractor extension cord requires one to be wide-eyed and check on crucial features such as durability. Other features include flexibility and high resistance to harsh weather conditions, including freezing temperatures.

Since they are always on-site during construction, manufacturers have put various protective mechanisms in place. High resistance to risky elements such as chemicals and oils is among them and has gone a long way in ensuring the entire construction site is covered.

The cords have visibility jackets that facilitate smooth workflow when darkness sets in. One can detect their high flexibility status in their ability to function excellently in places such as garages and workshops.

The Plug Type

Most homeowners are familiar with the plug type of extension cord and are aware of the prong factor. Depending on the number of prong types you need for your commercial and residential uses, you can purchase an extension cord.

Each has a unique pack of features that sets it apart from its other counterparts. The three-prong plug happens to be among the most popular because of its flexibility.

Besides, they are grounded, a complete contrast from their two-pronged counterparts. Homeowners should first check the volts they are compatible with before installation and use.


The Wire Gauge

The wire gauge determines the uses and features of extension cords. Its vast size equals a bigger wattage and amperage. The digits marked on extension cords facilitate the size and length of an extension cord that one would like to buy.

However, beginners should first check with the experts before making unfamiliar moves. This can be a confusing affair that requires total concentration and enlightenment in extension cords.



Quality extension cords are vital for a safe and conducive residential and commercial area. The electrical items industry seems to be evolving with each passing day, especially in terms of wattage and amperage figures. You are better informed on all the developing updates to avoid cluelessness during purchase and installation.



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