10 Tips On How To Reduce Your Household Utility Bills

January 18, 2022

1). Switch Off Standby Mode

Most manufactures recommend leaving appliances on standby mode instead of switching off at the wall plug. But the standby mode also consumes power. You can save nearly £40 annually by turning off this mode. Conversely, you can invest in a smart plug or standby saver that lets you turn off the standby mode on all your appliances simultaneously.

Many appliances have user manuals that provide details regarding the standby mode. Some devices like digital TV recorders, fridges, and ACs can be left plugged in, and they track any programs you feed them while they stay on standby mode most of the time. However, some use more energy than others. Click here to find out which ones might be high-power consumers.


2). Draught-Proof Windows And Doors

The doors and windows in old houses will develop gaps that allow some heat to escape. Draught proofing your windows and door will help mitigate this problem. However, you also should check for cracks around the chimney and the floors and skirting boards and fix them, which might cost you £200. That price is a one-off, which you can recover within a few years as you save roughly £30 annually on energy bills. Click here to learn more about reducing heat loss in your home.

3). Switch Off Lights

You can save nearly £14 annually on energy bills when you remember to turn off the lights when you are not using them or leaving a room. You can save even more if you switch your bulbs to LEDs which produce a bright illumination while using less electricity.


4). Careful With Your Laundry

You could save around £20 annually when doing laundry if you use your washing machine correctly. For instance, you should set the appliance on a 30-degree cycle, which can save you £10 a year compared to running it at higher temperatures. Furthermore, do a full load of clothes instead of washing a small butch at a time. It will reduce the number of runs per week which could lower your energy costs by £10.

5). Avoid The Tumble Dryer

Consider drying your clothes outside under the sun or on cloth racks instead of using your tumble dryer. It can save you roughly £40 a year on energy costs.


6). Shorter Shower Times

You can save more than £40 a year if you can keep your shower time to under four minutes, and the saving can be more if you take cold showers during the hot summer days.


7). Swap Your Bath For A Shower

That long soak in a warm bath you relish does come at a cost, which you can lower if you opt for one bath a week, saving £7 annually. Furthermore, you will be conserving water, which is good for the environment.

8). Get Kitchen-Savvy

People tend to boil a full kettle of water, which is more than they will use. Kettles are a common kitchen appliance that we often use incorrectly. Overfilling it means wasting a lot of electricity, thus increasing your energy costs when boiling water that you will not use. Therefore, converse water and electricity by determining the amount of water you need before running the kettle.

Also, installing an aerator to your faucet can help you reduce water wastage at the tap when doing dishes. An aerator is a nifty device with tiny holes, and you can attach this gadget to an array of taps, and it could save you nearly £14 a year.

9). Fill The Dishwasher

Dishwashers are a convenience, especially for a home with a big family. But using it daily contributes to the ballooning monthly energy bill. You can reduce the costs by running it when full, which reduces the amount of water and runs needed. Moreover, consider using your dishwasher once or twice per week to realize a significant saving of nearly £10.


10). Inspect And Update The Insulation

Proper insulation of your hot water cylinder can keep you from losing roughly £20 a year. It is best to consider upgrading your 25mm jacket or thin spray foam to the British Standard 80mm jacket for better insulation.

Ensure that your boiler is running efficiently with regular maintenance, see more here.



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