4 Benefits Of Portable Fire Pits

January 3, 2022

For homeowners who love the outdoors, having a fire pit in their backyard may be an ideal feature to add to their living space. While some may think that fire pits are only useful for seasons when it's favorable to spend time outside, there may be other uses for a firepit that’s waiting to be explored. For instance, a portable fire pit may be useful for camping trips or for enjoying the cool breeze at the beach at night. Because of its portability feature, the usefulness of a fire pit is no longer limited to home use.

Portable fire pits can either use wood or propane as fuel. Each type has its advantages apart from the convenience offered by portability. Read more if you’d like to know more about the benefits of having a portable fire pit.

  1. Multipurpose

Wood burning fire pits allow you to cook a complete meal over a wood fire which makes for better-tasting food. With your fire pit, you can cook campfire favorites like roasted hotdogs, smores, or even popcorn. At MaxFirePits, Australian Made Fire Pits and other companies also have an option to add a hot plate for added cooking convenience.

Aside from cooking, wood fire pits also provide sufficient heat to keep you warm in cold weather. While indulging in the comforting warmth of a campfire, you can also take in the visual appeal and ambiance of your outdoor setup. Overall, your portable fire pit can let you and your loved ones have a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

2. Provides A Convenient And Safe Source Of Heat

To start using your portable fire pit, you’ll need a combination of dry wood and kindling. Since wood is cheap and readily available, it makes setting up a campfire convenient for users. Also, the lightweight material of instant fire pits makes them ideal for camping and hiking.

The durable material used to build them also doesn’t require much maintenance yet they tend to have a long lifespan as well. Lastly, since most fire pit models are elevated from the ground, the fire created is unlikely to reach dry leaves and twigs which makes it safe to use in any type of outdoor environment.

3. Easy To Use

One of the most attractive features of portable fire pits is how easy they are to use. Since there’s no need to dig a spot on the ground such as with traditional setups, it’s easier to place them anywhere. For instance, you can select a place at a convenient distance from your camp to ensure the smoke will go in the opposite direction. After setting it up at an ideal location, you can put the pieces of the portable fire pit together and start the fire. This could provide instant heating for your camp.

Afterward, you can opt to quickly put out the fire using water, sand, or dirt. On the other hand, you can also let the wood burn completely provided that you remove bigger chunks of wood or charcoal to hasten up the burning process. However, you’ll need to take extra caution when you let the fuel turn to ashes as the embers may get blown off where they could spread fire accidentally. To prevent this, you can use a snuffer lid as a covering.

4. Effortless To Pack And Clean

Portable fire pits are easy to clean. Once cool to the touch, you can throw the wood ashes in the charcoal disposal allocated in many campgrounds. If there’s none, you can collect the wood ash and place them in a tight container so you can safely dispose of them once you get home. Moreover, you can also opt to use the ashes as soil fertilizer for your backyard or place them in a composting bin if available.


Using a portable fire pit makes it much easier and convenient to set up a campfire anytime. This way, you can enjoy more of the outdoors without having to look for camps with fixed fire pits. Also, you can recreate the camping experience in the comfort of your backyard by setting up your portable fire pit where you and your loved ones can enjoy it.

Many homeowners veer away from setting up a fixed fire pit even if they have the space as they worry that it won’t be used frequently. Hence, having your portable fire pit allows you to enjoy a cozy ambiance in your outdoor living space. This is achievable without having to commit to a permanent fixture which can be costly to build and maintain.

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