4 Simple Ideas On How To Revamp Your Outdoor Space.

January 17, 2022

4 Simple Ideas On How To Revamp Your Outdoor Space.

If you like to keep up with the best trends, then revamping your outdoor living space can be a great project for the new year.

Outdoor living spaces are the latest surrounding trend, and today's homeowners are considering it their go-to space for entertainment and relaxation.

In fact, homes are slowly becoming less of a place where you live and more of a place where you can enjoy some much-needed me time.

The outdoor lounge not only complements the indoor space, but also connects the outdoor garden and indoor living space.

Our outdoor lounge ideas can help you create a unique and organic vibe to your outdoor space that will be hard to resist.

Working with a painting company near you can help you achieve great results as well. Linking your spaces with the right colours creates symmetry within your home, and a larger and more open atmosphere.

Keep reading to find out the top ideas from professional decorators on how to update your outdoor space, and begin your journey to the perfect home sanctuary.

The Right Outdoor Furniture.

It seems like a no brainer, right? As simple as it is to pick out great furniture for your outdoors, it isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

Outdoor furniture needs to be both comfortable and yet resilient to the elements. That means your cozy leather couch won’t do here.

To create the perfect outdoor living patio area, you need hardy garden furniture. Be careful not to pick pieces that are too bulky either.

You have to find the balance between well built and stylish.

Creating a focal point for your furniture is important. Many homeowners simply place furniture outside and expect magazine cover results.

You have to be more creative, and think bigger!

Try to congregate your furniture around an outdoor fire pit, or if you're looking for something more quaint, a simple outdoor rug under a side table will do.

Move your furniture around and focus on the sun and daylight fall in different parts of the patio area to create an even more functional outside living room plan.

Most importantly, make the furniture your own.

If you already have outdoor furniture, and it feels like they are not working for you anymore, a simple coat of paint can make a huge difference.

Need more tips on how to paint your outdoor furniture pieces? Reach out to professional home painters for everything you need to know about painting your lawn furniture.

Give your outdoor furniture a revamp, and let us know the highlight of your outdoor garden space makeover.

The Right Fence.

Fences are the heart of your garden space. Believe it or not, a fence can make or break your outdoor aesthetic.

These subtle boundaries are great for separating different functional spaces in your outdoor garden area, or simply to give you the right amount of privacy.

All in all, a fence is a major factor to consider when carrying out an outdoor living space makeover.

If your fence is in bad shape, consider having a fence repair done. This can add considerably to having a perfect outdoor space.

So what exactly is the right fence?

Well, this depends entirely on your theme and the functionality of your garden space.

If you use your outdoors for entertaining guests, you need a fence that speaks to the theme of your outdoor garden.

When making a social statement, everything counts, even your fence.

If your outdoors are exclusively a quiet place where you gather your thoughts and unwind, you can use chromotherapy (color therapy) to enhance that motif.

Paint your fence with the right hues and shades that blend naturally with your style concept and outdoor theme.

The right colours can balance your chakras and enhance your body energy to stimulate your body’s own natural healing process.

To discover the best paint for your fence, work with trustworthy painters and decorators Barnet, and get the painting services for your outdoor makeover.

Finish Off With Small Details.

Making the outdoor space more functional can help you utilise and maintain the area better.

Before you finish off your makeover, try to think of what you will truly use your outdoor space for.

Examine your garden area, its orientation and overall look. This will determine how you best employ your outside space. For more useful information and gardening tips visit Gardening Made Easy.

Don’t rush the process! Simply look around you and think about what you intend to use your outdoor space for.

You will soon know whether you need purely entertaining guests, for relaxing in the sun, or a place to spend time as a family. Maybe even a little of everything.

Knowing what you need your outdoor space for, determines the type of lounge furniture you need, and where to place certain accessories.

Your soft furnishings, lighting and textiles, stools, rugs all make up your style and should be considered carefully.

To make the space your own, consider playing around with different wall colours that can add life and personality to an otherwise dull space.

Remember that when it comes to garden wall paint, you need one that protects your wall against the elements.

Bright sun, heavy rain, dirt and mould growth can all deteriorate your garden wall overtime. Choosing the right paint can make a world of difference.

Get advice from a painting company near you on which paint will work best for your exterior walls.

Plants, Plants, Plants.

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you have enough greenery to make the space feel authentic and relaxing.

In our opinion, you can never have enough green!

Add plants strategically around your outdoor area, to further bring out that sanctuary feel.

Plants can be used to create a seamless connection between interior and exterior home spaces.

By linking your indoors with your outdoors, you can achieve the illusion of a continuous large space that simply extends to your patio or garden.

Symmetry helps bring your interior and exterior spaces together.

Place large plants by your patio doors or balcony, and use complementing pots to give the eye a continuous line of sight from your living room to the outdoors.

A simple DIY tip is to buy the same type of pots and simply paint them so that they complement each other, and blend with the style in your home.

Go to your local painting company to find out which paint works best for your hanging garden planters, wall planters and pots.


The outdoor sanctuary has become one of the hottest trends, and we will definitely see more inspiring garden transformations this year.

Achieving a flawless outdoor space comes down to how well you accessorize, and how creative you are willing to be with your furnishings and colour choices.

To get more inspiration and advice on the best colour for your exterior walls, Barnet Painters and Decorators has got you covered with the best painting services.

We bring comfort and style to your home through timeless and exquisite exterior paint combinations for your interior and exterior spaces.

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