5 Door Mistakes Homeowners Make Every Day

January 6, 2022

New doors are one of the easiest and surest ways to improve the look, feel, and functionality of your home. With some slick doors and a fresh coat of paint, you’ll feel like you’re in a brand new house. But whether you’re looking for a new front entryway door, a new closet door, or a new master bedroom door, it can be easy to make mistakes in the buying and installation processes that can come back to bite you.

Like any home improvement project, new doors require a little thought and planning. Measurements, materials, and physical circumstances all need to be considered before purchasing and attempting to install new doors. So don’t make the same mistakes others have made. Avoid these 5 door mistakes:

Overtightening Your Screws

When securing a new set of hinges to connect your door slab to your door frame, you’ll probably want to tighten your screws until they don’t seem able to tighten any further. That’s usually a good idea, but when it comes to your door’s hinges, it’s really not.

Overtightening the hinge screws will most likely cause the wood of the door frame to warp, or even crack, if not immediately then over time. To avoid damaging your frame and compromising the security and usability of your door, tighten your screws just enough, and not so much that they can no longer budge.

Choosing the Wrong Design

Getting new doors does wonders for your home’s appearance, but that’s not the case if the doors you choose are stylistically inappropriate or incompatible with your home. Like any other fixture, you need to make sure you’re getting the right product for the right application.

If your house is very old, for example, would you really want to install a modern front door with a minimalist design sense and sharp, angular features, or would you want to have something that complements your house’s gorgeous old architecture? Similarly, if you’re living in a concrete cube house covered in solar panels, is a dutch door really the best option for you?

Choosing the Wrong Size Door

Not all doors are made equal. More importantly, not all doors are made according to equal measurements. There’s really no universal standard for door sizes, and that means you’ll have to do some measuring to figure out what size slab you need for your door frame.

If your door slab ends up being too small, that’s too bad, and you’ll have to arrange for an exchange with the vendor. If it’s too big, that’s a little easier; it can be trimmed down, but only if it’s a workable material like wood.

Keeping Your Old Frame – When You Really Shouldn’t

Sometimes, it’s not actually necessary to keep your old door frame. In fact, opting to get rid of your old frame can save you some hassle. A good door vendor will be able to supply you with a pre-hung door, which is a door slab already mounted to a matching frame. As a matter of fact, according to ETO Doors, pre-hung doors end up being less expensive than fitting and/or rebuilding a frame. Depending on your situation, this may be much easier than matching a new door to an old frame. And of course, if you’re getting a new door, why not get a new frame with it?

Not Thinking About Surroundings

Surroundings matter. If your new door project is a real overhaul, wherein you’re not only installing new doors, but completely rethinking the size and function of your various entryways, you need to consider the objects and structures next to and near your doors because they might end up getting in the way.

That massive armoire or dresser that takes three grown men to move may very well block your new door from opening fully, for example. And what about other nearby doors? It’s incredibly frustrating when two interior doors open into each other, leading to situations that damage both door slabs and prevent one or both parties from using the doors properly.



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