5 Top Things To Do In Arizona For A Peaceful Vacation

January 11, 2022

America is filled with various wonders, from natural to cultural, and everything is nicely blended in one colorful pot. And there is one special state that offers plenty to everyone, and that’s Arizona. Arizona is filled with magnificent and breathtaking landscapes, and its cities are vibrant and alive. So, if you are planning a trip to Arizona for your vacation, you should make a list of places to see. From museums to road trips, there is something for everyone and here are the places you should visit.

Explore The Grand Canyon

You simply cannot go to Arizona and not visit this masterpiece that Mother Nature left us. The Grand Canyon is the most memorable experience you can get, no matter if you visit it by car or on foot. Everyone should enjoy nature, get in touch with it, and certainly experience the magnificent landscape the Grand Canyon provides. The most popular part of it is the South Rim, but if you have a few hours for hiking you should go to the Bright Angel trail. Bring snacks, plenty of water, and ready your camera!

Hike in The Petrified Forest

Even though this is Arizona’s lesser-visited place, it is certainly worth seeing. The Petrified Forest is something special and by visiting it for an hour or two you can go back through time by witnessing the colors and textures from millennia past. You should also check out Newspaper Rock and use those provided binoculars to look at the 500-year-old petroglyphs. Another great place to hike is the Blue Mesa trail and it is perfect for all ages and it will certainly provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Have Fun in Phoenix

Besides being a great base for Arizona exploration adventure, Phoenix is also a major destination during the winter for a lot of sun-seekers and golfers. Phoenix is a year-round destination and people love exploring the city, visiting resorts, and spas and spending some time basking in the heat of the desert. Phoenix also includes Scottsdale and Meas in its metropolitan area which provides people with plenty of places to visit, an abundance of shopping centers and restaurants, as well as some amazing hiking and biking trails. However, if you are more of a golfer than a shopper, you can always explore various golf courses in Scottsdale Arizona, improve your swing and enjoy the fresh air.

Also, while you are in the urban area of the state, you should visit the Heard Museum and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. What is more, you can sign up for various day trips from Phoenix and visit the cliff dwellings, ghost towns, historic mountain towns and so much more.

Learn about Hoover Dam

If you are interested in seeing a combination of engineering and nature, then you must see Hoover Dam. This dam is probably one of America’s greatest engineering marvels and it was finished in 1935. Hoover Dam crosses the Colorado River and it is a link between Arizona and Nevada. It holds back Lake Mead, which is the largest artificial lake in the US. If you want to visit this engineering marvel, you can drive or walk across it for free. You can also take a tour of Hoover Dam or the Powerplant and learn about some interesting and amazing facts.

Take a Chilling Trip to Jerome

Even though visiting ghost towns is not that much of a relaxing activity, they are worth seeing and learning about. Jerome is one of such ghost towns and it is set on a mountainside and is an old and deserted mining town that has today become a great tourist attraction. The main street of this empty town is filled with interesting stores and restaurants and views from the streets are simply amazing. Most of the old buildings have gone through renovations, but there are those that still stand as ruins which are really interesting to see.

You can also learn about Jerome’s history at the Gold King Mine Museum and the Jerome State Historic Park. Additionally, you can visit the Sliding Jail which was built in 1928 on a clay slick, as well as the Barlett Hotel which used to be one of the finest hotels in this town.

No matter if you are a history buff or in love with nature, Arizona has something for everyone. You can spend hours hiking on some of the most amazing trails, learn about the history, explore chilling but mesmerizing ghost towns, and simply have the time of your life on this desert vacation.


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