7 Of The Most Durable Basement Flooring Options

January 28, 2022

Basement flooring, as a matter of fact, works way more differently than the regular flooring of the house. And the prime reason for this is that basement flooring, often, needs to resist those factors as well, which have been washed by the rest of the flooring. Another reason for the dire need for the toughness of the basement flooring is that it has to bear the extreme extent of literally everything.

Even if the surrounding atmosphere or locality is totally dry, the basement flooring still is at risk of moisture damage, due to being the closest to the ground. One of the worst-case scenarios is a flooded basement, the last thing on Earth anyone would prefer. What’s more crucial than the choice of basement flooring is to have the one that is highly resistant to all the possible damage, such as water vapor migration or at worst, carpeter.ae/flooring-dubai.

What Flooring Is Best For A Basement?

There are multiple factors that you need to expect from and ensure while acquiring your next/new basement flooring. It must be waterproof and safe from water vapor migration, as well. Ahead is the list of the best flooring for basements.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring, either in the form of Vinyl tile or vinyl plank, is an extremely durable and most importantly the safest option amongst all the basement flooring options. The ideal vinyl flooring version to have is the sheet vinyl one because it features an entirely impermeable structure and thus works the toughest against all damaging situations.

Besides, it is the best waterproof basement flooring that is the easiest to clean and maintain, as well. It is a useful idea that you go for the sheet vinyl flooring rather than tile or plank because the latter comes with certain seams and thus is likely to cause moisture infiltration due to the gaps.


  • Is totally waterproof
  • Is an inexpensive and long-term favorable option
  • Provides sufficient insulation


  • Is not a DIY project

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring since isn’t technically made of wood (that can’t withstand moisture) is a perfect dimensionally stable and the best flooring for damp basement. It features a high-end structure of a thin wood layer of different species with cross-hatched plywood or composite board base.

The realistic finishing resembles the real wood floor with interlocked edges, able to outlast reasonable amounts of moisture. It’s also one of the most suitable basement flooring options over concrete.


  • The factory-applied finish seems really attractive
  • Is adequate for mild moisture exposure
  • Offers amazing acoustic protection


  • Removal becomes really difficult in the case of any water damage

Tile Flooring (Ceramic or Porcelain)

Ceramic or Porcelain tiles make an unquestionably durable basement flooring. The finished (not raw) surface of tile flooring gives the freedom of designing and looks really well-done. It can be installed directly onto any flooring, specifically concrete slabs. Besides, tile flooring is a highly affordable option in terms of the best flooring for a finished basement.

Also, there is no additional treatment required with the basement tile floor. And this flooring serves as a fine conductor of radiant heating.


  • Is totally safe from moisture and even flooring damage
  • Is easier to carry out as a DIY project
  • Is resistant to rotting


  • Is not good at noise reduction

Concrete Flooring

Concrete is the absolute best flooring for a damp basement because of its highest-grade durability and resistance. Concrete flooring needs to be painted or stained in order to make it presentable and ready for usage, thus appearing as an attractive and waterproof basement flooring. Since it is extremely tough in its build quality, therefore is meant to last long, too.


  • Is super tough against moisture
  • No need for subfloor for installation
  • Minimal materials required


  • Feels very cold and there is no fix to it

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring, since features a double-layered structure, emerges as a high-end and most durable basement flooring with the smoothest finishing. It is really convenient to maintain and is also one of the best basement flooring options over concrete. Plus, there are multiple design and pattern options available too and it can also be laid with fine sand or plastic flakes immediately post the application.

This best flooring for basements is also an excellent choice for commercial spaces, such as home gyms.


  • Comes with versatile statements of designs and textures
  • Is easy to clean
  • Feels the smoothest underfoot


  • Is likely to produce harmful fumes during application

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring, totally unlike the misconceptions about it, can be the best flooring for a finished basement, specifically if you’re looking forward to utilizing your basement in terms of activity or playroom. The interlocked rubber tiles make an excellent waterproof basement flooring. This flooring is easy to install and sticks perfectly to all types of subfloors.


  • Feels soft and comfortable underfoot
  • Is good at providing insulation
  • Is a perfect waterproof basement flooring


  • There is a likelihood of water getting leaked within the seams

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring features foam underlayment and therefore is a good choice to consider for creating a well-insulated basement. It can withstand minor levels of moisture and has a thick and durable surfacing. In addition to that, Laminate flooring also diminishes water vapes migration to the top, therefore is a fine preventive approach.

Since there is no wooden element within this durable basement flooring, it does not provide a home for any swelling.


  • Is a convenient DIY project
  • Is good at providing acoustic protection
  • Offers amazingly insulated basements


  • Is prone to building static electricity

In A Nutshell

Settling for the right kind of flooring equipment for a crucial space such as the basement one is meant to become really confusing, specifically if you’re a beginner to the usage. However, a careful selection can save you from a lot of trouble likely to be experienced tomorrow. And in the same way, neglecting this factor can give rise to serious consequences for both your valued residence, money and most importantly mental and physical wellness.

To put a definitive end to this fundamental issue, Design Furniture has come up with sound info about the most practical, useful and long-term favorable basement floor ideas. This list of the best flooring for basements features those choices that are recommended by professionals and will be the right safety maintenance approach for your property. Last but not least, these basement flooring options are meant to suit all sorts of residential scenarios, as well.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Term Grade Mean In Flooring?

Grade refers to “ground-level” and is a term mostly used by flooring builders and contractors. An above-grade flooring is considered to be the safest, specifically for basement use because it is potentially safe from lower extents of flooding and water vapor migration.

What Sort Of Basement Flooring Is The Safest?

Above-grade flooring is the safest form of basement flooring due to the fact that it is above ground level. Grade means ground-level and technically speaking, your flooring peasant in the basement must be higher than the ground-level, in order to ensure maximum safety.

Is It Okay To Have Carpeting In Basements?

Carpeting or any other form of soft material isn’t a good idea in terms of basement flooring because it is highly prone to damage. They have nearly no resistance to moisture or at worst flooding and thus can go bad very soon.

What To Look For In A Basement Flooring?

Waterproofing is the major and most crucial aspect to be considered when choosing the floor for the basement. Besides, you need to be really careful about the base of your subfloors while laying the basement flooring atop them.

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