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January 18, 2022


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Having a pet around the house may be beneficial in terms of companionship and security; although one major drawback is the mess they may make, particularly the urine stains they can leave on your expensive upholstery. Not only is dealing with a pet urine accident challenging, but it's also difficult to determine where previous accidents may have occurred, including ones you may not be aware of that are releasing an unpleasant stench. To remove residual odors and stains from your favorite upholstery, professionals recommend P (pet) U (urine) R (removal) T (treatment) along with Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne. Take a look behind the scenes of a professional PURT servicing.

Threats you & your upholstery faces when you have pets at home:

  • Pet urine includes acids that can discolor the rug's fabric and cause the fibers to deteriorate. Furthermore, when urine comes into contact with bacteria in the rug, it creates an ideal habitat for germs such as dust mites, moths, mold development, and other microbes to thrive in the fabric.
  • The stench of pet urine, as well as the stain, might harm your image as a housewife in the eyes of guests and acquaintances.
  • Pet hair is a huge health problem that also degrades the beauty of your furniture.
  • Your pet's urination not only causes stains but also produces a nasty, rotting stench. This stench may entice your pet to urinate in the same spot repeatedly. As a result, expert upholstery cleaning Melbourne will be effective in removing pet stains and odors.
  • Invasion of pests such as moths and dust mites brought on by stored pet urine can create health problems such as asthma, skin allergies, and emphysema, among other things, disrupting your otherwise healthy home.

Don’t delay, act:

Upholstery cleaning Sydney experts advise treating the stain as quickly as possible, and only with professional assistance. Delaying treatment will enable the stain and odor to remain indefinitely; also, if the sofa smells like urine, your pet is more likely to return to the same location for urinating. Additionally, because pet urine is acidic, allowing it to persist in the fabric can lead to fabric damage and dry rot.

Significance of professional assistance:

Experts are equipped with high-filtration vacuums, steam cleaners, and dehumidifiers, which allow for effective removal of pet urine and hair, as well as proficient Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne. They are also taught how to use these tools to the best of their abilities. To remove pet urine stains without harming the fabric of your sofa, professionals utilize organic and toxin-free cleaners. However, because urine is acidic and so is lemon, depending on home cures like vinegar or lemon for pet urine might cause irreparable damage. They will permanently bleach the cloth and cause flaws. DIYs may also create yellowing and color bleeding in your upholstery, which can be difficult to remove.

The Pet Urine Removal treatment procedure:

  • Experts ideally begin Upholstery Cleaning Sydney with carefully inspecting the upholstery to determine a further course of action. Likewise, they refer to manufacturers guide to choose apt surfactants & hear out clients concerns to come to be the best possible solution
  • To break down the urine stain and eradicate odor, a specially crafted chemical combination is now administered directly to the afflicted region. Before being removed, the solution is allowed to operate for 10-20 minutes.
  • A steamer is now utilized to simultaneously clean, extract, destroy bacteria, and rinse the afflicted region. To remove chemical residues, the upholstery is washed with cold water and dried with a mechanical drier.
  • Once the upholstery has dried experts apply deodorizers to eliminate pet urine odor so your pet won’t return to the same place again. Finally, experts check the upholstery along with customers to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  • Experts also suggest seeking sanitization treatment to safeguard the fabric & exterminate existing germs from the upholstery.

Scotch guarding for pet problems:

After Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, experts recommend employing the scotch-guarding process. This approach involves spraying a protective Teflon-based solution all over the sofa or carpet to coat the fibers with a protective coating. This layer stops the fabric from collecting stains, liquids, and anything else; it also makes the cloth taste terrible, preventing bugs from feeding on it or laying their eggs on it. Scotch-guarding is an anti-stain, anti-pest, and anti-dust product that may help reduce the aging of your prized upholstery and prevent future damage. As a result, before hiring someone to clean your upholstery in Sydney, you should ask for a scotch-guarding treatment.

Accidents are bound to happen if you have pets at home; clearly, you cannot dismiss your furry friend, but being cautious might be the best approach to cope with the situation. Similarly, if you genuinely want your upholstery to be hygienic, beautiful, and comfortable for its occupants, you should seek expert aid for Upholstery cleaning Sydney.


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