Balcony Garden vs Large Garden: The Pros and Cons

January 3, 2022

While big gardens with rolling lawns present a multitude of possibilities, they also come with a bigger range of potential issues. Balcony gardens, on the other hand, can seem small and relatively useless but can provide just enough space to grow a selection of herbs and vegetables with very little maintenance required.

If you are in the process of looking to buy a home, you may be thinking about what type of garden would be best for you. Or you could be a homeowner that already has a big garden, or a balcony garden, or both!

This article looks at some of the pros and cons involved with both big gardens and balcony gardens.

Balcony Gardens

Let us first look at what would constitute a balcony garden before we start getting into the ins and outs. A balcony garden would be considered as a garden, or the potential for a garden, that is on a balcony. Balcony gardens are usually made up of moveable containers or pots. Because balcony gardens are usually small, courtyard gardens and the likes could also be put in this category.

Balcony Garden Advantages

With less space available to you, balcony gardens also offer far less maintenance. They are less time consuming, and there is not as much pressure to keep it looking neat and tidy as there is with a large sprawling garden.

Container gardening, which is a method that is often used on balcony gardens, is neat and tidy, and containers can be moved around in different seasons to help certain plants obtain the light that they need to thrive.

Balcony gardens can also be incredibly cute and aesthetically pleasing and can be easily shaped to suit your style if garden design is something that is important to you.

Balcony Garden Drawbacks

The major drawback to balcony gardens is obviously their lack of pace. You may put a couch out on your balcony, and half the floor space is already gone. This means that you need to be very picky about what you plant and try to use the vertical space that you have available to you.

The other drawback is that most balconies have very low light, and it can be difficult to get plants the light that they need.

Balcony Garden Services

Because balconies are so small, you may not think that balcony garden services even exist. But here at Hort Culture on the North Shore, we offer professional balcony garden services, which aim at helping you design the ideal balcony garden, no matter the space that you have available to you. We also offer maintenance services to keep your balcony garden looking its very best!

Big Gardens

What would be considered a big garden? Well, since many people have to resort to living in flats and townhouses with no garden at all, even a 3m by 3m garden would be considered relatively large by today’s standards at least.

Big Garden Advantages

The obvious advantage to big gardens is the space you have available to you. You can plant trees, have space to entertain, and have the option of having pets. You have many options available to you in terms of what plants and features you want to include in your garden, and over time you can truly create your dream garden.

Big Garden Drawbacks

Because of the large space you have available to you, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do with it, and maintenance can be very time-consuming. Big gardens can get very messy very quickly. When it comes to big gardens, security is something that you should definitely consider too.

Big Garden Services

As we have already discussed, big gardens often need far more maintenance than smaller gardens or balcony gardens. Here at Hort Culture, we specialise in maintenance services for gardens of all sizes, but larger gardens would particularly benefit from our lawn care on the northern beaches, as well as our lawn installation on the north shore.

Looking for balcony garden services or lawn care on the Northern Beaches? Get in touch with the plant and gardening experts at Hort Culture today on 0434 863 822. We’d love to be a part of your garden maintenance or garden makeover!


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