Can You Reach Investment Success Similar to Yiannakis Polycarpou?

January 11, 2022


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The concept of real estate investing is relatively straightforward once you gain insight into the fundamentals of the investment, the financial component, and the risks. Essentially you purchase property, earn income via rent, and try to avoid bankruptcy . . . and repeat - as long as you're financially stable and capable.

While it sounds simple, it takes exceptional insight and skills if you hope to have the investment property finesse of individuals like Yiannakis Polycarpou, an investor with the keen ability to identify properties with long-term development potential. For newcomers, your returns must not cover only the risks taken but also the taxes owed.

It would be helpful to consider that there will be factors with real estate investing like maintenance costs, utilities, and insurance fees. Any mistakes made can run the gamut from an inconvenience to a severe catastrophe. Let us look at a few factors that can guide individuals on the right path.

Tips For Those Striving for Investment Success Similar to Yiannakis Polycarpou

Entering the world of Yiannakis Polycarpou, a leading property investor with a keen eye on recognizing properties that offer long-term development potential, would mean that you are well-established in the industry, you have exceptional experience, talent, and wealth.

While you can strive to reach that level of success with the following tips, it is essential to realize those dreams will require a degree of patience, a solid effort, good judgment, and the ability to withstand risks.

Many people go into real estate investing, but that is not an indication that there are just as many successful investors. Please find a few helpful hints for those starting in the investment business at Let us look at a few tips meant to lead newcomers in the right direction.


The suggestion is that location is a primary component when searching for the ideal investment property. While you can change almost anything about a property, the geographic area remains constant. You are essentially on the hook with the site until you decide that it's time to sell.

You also need to look at the location in terms of "supply and demand." You will, of course, anticipate a high demand with a reasonable supply. That will indicate a decent rental income and help you determine the overhead, ultimately leading you to the final profit point. Hence, you know if it is a viable property for you to purchase.

A final factor with the location will be the land which comprises a substantial portion of the property's price. Some areas have a higher appreciation value than others looking into the future, which needs to be factored in when considering a parcel.


The difference between the income received from a property and the expenses references as "positive cash flow." The higher this amount is, the greater your investment returns. Successful investors are so because they find properties that will still generate positive cash even in a poor real estate market.

Not only do these funds increase annually, but the mortgage is paid down with this cash, thus increasing the equity, and it is further possible to save a down payment to purchase another property with this extra money.

Financial components

Investors who find success with property investing do so because they educate on the financial aspects of owning properties using economic analysis. When making purchases, there are several ways to finance, whether you choose a private institution, a mortgage lender, a hard money loan, and on.

The wise investor will assess the fundamentals of each option before making a final decision on how to set up their lending. Potential investors do not want to find themselves financially distressed.

It would be best always to consider your current finances, goals, and the loan amount you can obtain (max) and then set a budget to avoid breaking your bank.

Final Thought

You will need to determine the type of properties you want to work with and if you wish to hire a professional management team to handle services, including finances, marketing, tenancy, maintenance, and repairs. Go here for guidance as a beginning investor.

The process is an excellent way to make money but is not an indication that it is a simple career. The key difference between a success like Yiannakis Polycarpou and an average investor is the drive and amount of time used for investing. It takes exceptional effort to build a career and a little daring when it comes to taking a risk.



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