Considering Getting Runner Rugs for Your Home? Read This First.

January 15, 2022

Have you ever encountered a narrow extra floor space in your home and are unsure what to do about it? This is the time when runner rugs become quite useful. Runner rugs have now become a trend worldwide; they have become the go-to for so many interior decorators when filling long, narrow spaces or creating the illusion of a more spacious room.

So, what are runner rugs exactly?

No, they are not rugs that you use to run on. One of the primary reasons runner rugs are named "runner" rugs is that they are typically placed in high-traffic areas. They are rugs that are longer rather than wider. It appears narrow and long as it is designed to fit into a hallway. This long rectangular rug is regularly used in some specific areas. They serve various functions, including directing people to one particular area in your home, protecting the flooring in high-traffic areas, and adding texture and décor to the empty spaces.

Do We Really Need Runner Rugs?

We believe that runner rugs are among the most necessary décor for any home. The following are some of the primary reasons:

1. Décor

First and foremost, runner rugs are indeed an easy way to improve the décor in your home's empty narrow spaces. They can easily infuse each room or any space in your household with character and comfort. Runner rugs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

If you are a fan of boho décor, consider investing in a stunning modern oriental rug. If you prefer a more minimalist aesthetic, choose a flat woven fabric rug in a neutral color such as cream, white or grey. And if you have small children who run around shoeless, how about decorating their bedroom with fun as well as a colorful felt-ball rug?

2. Used in high-traffic areas 

Another main reason why everybody must have a runner rug is that it would also be used in high-traffic areas throughout the home. It is common for floors to become damaged due to wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Having a durable rug in a high-traffic area, such as a stairwell or hallway, will help protect the floor from any danger.

3. Leads to a space

Runner rugs are frequently used to direct guests to specific areas of your home. Because it is narrow and long, it tricks the mind into believing that a specific location awaits at the end.

Thus, you can also utilize a runner rug in your home to artistically guide your guests and therefore be the ideal host. It makes it a must-have rug, particularly in open floor plans where the visual separation between different living spaces is required.

The Best Location to Place Runner Rugs

1. Hallway

Now that we have established why owning a runner rug is a good idea, let us now determine the best locations to place it. To begin, the most obvious place for the runner rug is in the hallway. These are the long, narrow corridors that lead to other rooms of the house. These are typically the most mundane and uninteresting areas of a home. Nevertheless, you can quickly transform this space into your favorite spot just by adding a runner rug.

2. Staircase

If you have solid wood stairs, runner rugs are necessary. Solid wood stairs are elegant to look at. But one drawback is that they can be pretty slippery when you are wearing socks. Well, you can simply roll a runner rug down a flight of stairs to prevent falls and slips.

Runner rugs on staircases can significantly help, as well, in reducing the noise made by footsteps.

3. Kitchen

Let us face it: kitchen rugs have become popular in recent years.

To transform your kitchen aesthetically, you can place a runner rug between the cabinets and the island counter. You can also position it directly in the front of any sink for you to appreciate the plushness on your feet when doing the dishes.

4. Open floor plans

Another area where a runner rug is required would be on open floor plans.

The term "open floor plan" refers to large living areas that are not divided by a

partition or wall. Living rooms, dining rooms, study rooms, and kitchens are all examples of open floor plans. One more example of an open floor plan is a studio apartment, which combines the bedroom, living room, and kitchen into a single open space. Due to a lack of direction, the runner rug will separate spaces and guide your visitors around. For instance, in a studio apartment, you can use a runner rug to direct visitors away from the sleeping area and toward the sitting or dining area.

Choosing the Perfect Runner Rugs

1. Material

Because runner rugs are typically placed in high-traffic areas, it is critical to consider the rug's material. You want to make sure that the particular rug is long-lasting and capable of being walked over multiple times a day by people – and pets.

Wool rugs continue to be the most preferred material for runner rugs. It is believed that wool rugs are ideal as runner rugs due to their springiness, dirt resistance, and durability. A wool rug can be stretched thirty percent than its normal size, and it will still maintain its original shape.

In addition, the wool rug is made of natural fibers, which are impervious to liquid and dirt. It means that dirt accumulates on top of that particular rug, where can be easily vacuumed away. Wool rugs also are also ideal for entryways because they do not absorb all of the slush, dirt, or rain from the outside.

These are just some advantages of wool rugs, but there are so many more aside from the ones mentioned.

2. Style

Which runner rug style works great for you? Take a look around your room before you decide on a style.

A lovely oriental rug can infuse your home with an exotic feel. A modern rug will complement your chic furniture.

Set a style that suits your personality and leaves an impression on your guests.

3. Texture

Runner rugs come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, choosing the appropriate texture for your runner rug is critical. It will vary according to your requirements for a particular space.

If you are searching for a rug that will withstand the rigors of a high-traffic area, then you should choose a flat weave rug in this instance, as these are more resistant to tear and wear. They are easy and durable to clean, making them ideal for a hallway.

On the other hand, if you are interested in incorporating a plush guide and luxurious rug into your open floor plan, then you should opt for a plush felt-ball runner rug.

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