Construction Management Apps: Document scanning services & benefits of Scanner

January 5, 2022

Construction documents are among the most challenging types of documents to keep. Engineers, construction company’s architects, facility managers, and other professionals hugely benefit from document scanner apps.

The digitization trend is expanding into the construction industry which was still reliant on manual processes for quite a while. Although construction projects are now being handled completely digitally, a lot of companies still make their internal workflows complicated by the administrative tasks associated with manual transfer of data which delays the work process

Recording information by hand or by typing it into computers: We are aware of how tiring and time-consuming it is to gather information. The more data you need to record in a short period of time, the more errors will occur, requiring manual corrections that can greatly hinder the flow. Property and construction companies need to digitize and capture huge quantities of information daily from documents that are physically stored.

Digital documents help businesses improve workflows and provide them with the capability to share, print and transfer blueprints, drawings, project files and other large-format designs quickly and effortlessly.

Modern technology permits a huge portion of this work to be greatly reduced and simultaneously it is made much more efficient. With the aid of advanced mobile scanning apps you are able to quickly and easily digitize a variety of manual processes in a quick and simple manner. All you require is a mobile app owned by the company!

Construction management Solutions provided by Document Scanner Apps

What do solutions be like? Of course, all areas and use cases are dependent on the company.

  1. Document management: Like any business that is involved in construction, the construction industry needs to handle a daily volume of documents made of paper. For instance, invoices, purchase invoices, deliveries certificates or reports from expert’s team members can swiftly scan any kind of document using the scanner on your mobile application and then transmit the document to the headquarters. OCR transforms the image into editable PDF file that can be further processed in the backend.
  2. Tracking of tools: In 2019, according to Statistic the number of users was just 19 percent of contract workers utilized mobile applications to keep track of inventory of tools, despite the fact that almost every tool has an ID number, or QR code generator. The scanning of serial numbers can be done in just a few minutes, whereas manual entry takes a lot longer and could result in errors that may alter the inventory. In this regard you can use barcode scanner, QR barcode scanner or else data scanner. This is a tool as well as equipment tracking for construction as well as property-management.
  3. Reports, tests documents: In lieu of writing handwritten documents of maintenance work performed on the premises of the customers the address of the customer as well as the customer's number along with the serial code of the component can be instantly scanned by a data scanner and sent to the headquarters.
  4. Fleet Logging: Do you have to periodically check the fleet of your business or your employees' driver's licenses? License plates, information on the driver's license or vehicle identification numbers or even the number for spare components can be swiftly and effectively recorded and transferred using a document Scanner.

Use cases of Mobil Scanner Apps for Construction documents

Cloud Integration for Storage and archival removes the requirement to store files on paper at the workplace or at home in your office. You can make digital versions of any document that's safe and simple to distribute, no matter format. Documents that can be scanned and saved are:

  • Architectural renderings
  • EDs (Engineering drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Diagrams of circuitry
  • Topographic maps
  • Drawings or plans for building
  • Specifications Manuals and Spec Books
  • Modify Bulletins or Supplemental Instructions, or Change Orders
  • Supporting Documents
  • Permits, permits and more

Benefits of Document Scanner Apps in construction sector

Reliable, high-resolution document scanning app can ease the problems associated with large format construction documents. You can make any type of document conversion simple. Here are a few of the benefits:

  1. Easier Bid Preparation: Digital documents, specifically large-format digital documents, enable you to prepare bids much faster than mailing hard-copy files together in order to submit the bid for a particular project. Integrating your digital files with contracts management as well as CRM, construction management and bid management processes can make the system effortless.
  2. Quick& hassle free Billing: The most crucial elements of the construction process that needs to be tracked with care are changes orders and precise billing. These documents are easily tracked in the document management system and tracked throughout the entire process from the moment of creation until the final submission.
  3. Attention to Security: Hard-copy blueprints can be difficult to hide However, they're extremely difficult to duplicate and misplace. Modern document management systems enable to secure confidential documents and allow you to control who can access which documents. Secure passwords and firewalls help ensure your data is secure and give you the ability to monitor who accesses your documents at any point.
  4. Compliant to Regulations with ease: Construction companies are entrusted with a large number of safety and regulatory documents that must be kept up-to-date and properly managed, not just for every project, but also for every employee too. The digital versions of the documents is together, and indexed making them easy to locate and accessible on any device. Stop work interruptions due to improper documentation by having access to security records and documents quickly.
  5. OCR functionality: Virtually takes away document finding problem and gives you the possibility of finding all of your files in one go. Nearly every document management system can provide an OCR file to text conversion together with Conversion to PDF. This allows editing, updating and sharing large files fast and simple.

There is a huge demand and benefits for document scanner apps so do not miss the chance to ensure all of your construction records are stored and scanned with the highest standard safest, most secure, and efficient manner possible.


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