Design features to consider when picking an apartment

January 10, 2022

A design-savvy apartment is a must for any design lover. But how do you know if the design of your future home suits your needs? There are several design features to consider when picking an apartment, and we'll share our favorites with you!

Natural Light

First and foremost, think about the amount of natural light your apartment receives. If you're someone who loves natural light, be sure to pick an apartment with large windows that let in plenty of sunshine.

Especially if you're a plant lover, you will need good filtered light to keep your plants alive! Or, if you are an at-home content creator, natural light is the must-need tool for your work.

Alternatively, if you prefer a darker space, choose an apartment with minimal windows or an apartment that does not directly face the sunlight in the morning or afternoon depending on your wants.


Another design feature to consider is the layout of the apartment.

The layout of your apartment arguably sets the tone of your lifestyle - do you want an open, inviting space, or a more intimate living area?

Do you want an open-concept space where the living room, kitchen and dining area are all one big room? Or would you prefer smaller rooms that feel more private?

Think about how you plan to use the space and what will make you most comfortable.

Heating and Cooling

You'll also want to consider how well your apartment is insulated and what kinds of heating and cooling systems it has. If you live in a place with four seasons, an efficient heating system will make all the difference come winter time!

Do some research into what design features are included—central air conditioning or radiant underfloor heating? This information is important to know!

To save on air conditioning, portable fans are a great investment that won't break the bank - and easy to transport to your next apartment if you're always on the move! Browse popular fans for your new apartment to ensure you stay cool when it's hot.


If you love to design your own space, pick an apartment that will accommodate all of the furniture pieces you want.

If you're more minimalist, think about how much furniture you'll need to live comfortably.

Some design-savvy apartments even offer custom built-ins that will help you maximize your space and store everything from books to artwork.

Location, location, location!

Consider the apartment's location in relation to where you work or go to school.

For example, if you plan to commute using public transit each day, look for an apartment near the subway line or a bus stop. If your daily routine consists of walking everywhere - from work to school and back again - think about where all of the best shops and restaurants are that you want to visit regularly.

The location of your apartment can impact the design - do you want something upbeat and edgy, or more classic and quaint? Be sure to keep your needs and wants in mind, because the overall 'look' of your exterior will certainly depend on its location!


Storage is another important consideration when picking an apartment. Be sure to ask your potential landlord how much storage space is included in the design of your new apartment.

If you plan on bringing a lot of stuff with you, ask about additional storage options such as an outdoor space or communal basement where furniture and other belongings can be stored for easy access to move-in day.

If there is lack of built-in storage in your new apartment, consider easily collapsible furniture or multi-use furniture to optimise smaller spaces.


If you have furry friends, is your apartment pet friendly? If you need your design apartment to be pet-friendly, make sure the landlord is okay with pets before signing a lease.

Some design features that can accommodate cats and dogs are wall-mounted shelves or storage for toys and food bowls. Animal-loving architects might even include a pet door going outside to an enclosed outdoor area depending on the design.

Additionally, consider an apartment's location in relation to where your dog will go to do their business, and if there are any places to walk nearby. A friendly walking neighbourhood is a must if your apartment isn't very spacious. Some apartments have communal garden areas which is great for pets to roam around - with your supervision of course.


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