Event Planning in Abu Dhabi: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

January 5, 2022

Abu Dhabi offers the best of the traditional and modern, making it one of the best destinations for corporate events. It boasts a wide range of cutting-edge facilities for product launches, business meetings, industry conferences, and more. It also offers different event venues coupled with the assistance of experts in business event management in Abu Dhabi to guarantee the success of your upcoming events.

Here’s an overview of why you should choose Abu Dhabi event venues and some tips for planning a successful corporate event.

Why choose Abu Dhabi for your upcoming events?

With its unique structures and facilities, including Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Green Garden City, and Yas Marina Circuit, the UAE’s capital and largest emirate has become one of the most remarkable event destinations in the region.

Abu Dhabi has also hosted different international events, such as World Urban Forum, World Future Energy Summit, World Ophthalmology Congress, International Diabetes Foundation, and the Global Forum for Innovations Agriculture.

Moreover, attendees can explore the rich culture of the emirate. They can enjoy the vastness of the awesome desert, witness authentic Emirati values, and create remarkable experiences with charming legends, artisan crafts, falcons, Salukis, camels, and horses.

How to plan your business event

Not sure how to plan or where to start with your corporate event? If you are starting out in the field or tasked to plan a business gathering, there are basics for planning a successful event. Take note that every event is unique. From event size to event type, several factors can differentiate one gathering from the next.

Here are event planning tips to help you get started. This guide might not cover everything, but it will provide you with the basics of event planning.

Determine the type of event you’re planning

Are you preparing for an internal or external event?

An internal event refers to a gathering within your organisation. It could be a holiday party, a team building exercise, a seminar or training, or an appreciation event.

On the other hand, an external event is an occasion involving people outside your organisation. Generally, it looks to register a certain number of attendees.

Knowing what type of event you are hosting will impact the planning process and event goals.

Define the purpose of the event

All events will have a purpose. If you had not identified yours before you started planning, then you are starting off on the wrong foot. Identifying the purpose is the most crucial part of the event planning process.

Why are you hosting a gathering? Is it to launch a product? To generate revenue? To educate? The purpose will drive how you must plan, promote, and execute your event. It will also dictate the choice of speakers, content, and the perfect venue.

Decide on the size and duration of the event

How many people will attend the event and how long should it take? As you decide on the size and duration, consider the event’s purpose and cost.

More attendees imply a higher cost and a large venue, but this can also mean a higher return on investment.

As for the length of the event, it is mainly determined by the type of event you’re hosting. A product launch can happen in a few hours, while a conference can last for several days. Determining the duration of the event will help guide you to orient the event emcee and fit speaker sessions, breakout sessions, networking, and so on.

Once you have decided on your event duration, consider breaking it down into 30-minute or hourly slots so you can efficiently assign time for different activities.

Create a budget

Setting a budget for your event is essential – and all key personnel in the organisation must be on the same page. Decide on how much to spend as soon as you start planning. The food, entertainment, venue, and technology are costly items.

There are plenty of expenses involved in event planning, and knowing the budget will make it a lot easier as you plan. Try including event sponsors in your event for additional funding.

Find the best event venue

Abu Dhabi boasts many superb venues for events, making it a bit challenging to decide where to host your corporate gathering. One excellent option is Yas Island Abu Dhabi. In this venue alone, you can find a long list of premier event spaces, including Yas Marina Circuit, the newly built Etihad Arena, the four unique theme parks in Abu Dhabi, and the eight hotels with more than 3,000 rooms.

The key to finding the best place for your event is to evaluate how the venue suits your goals and objectives. It would be helpful to create a list of required architecture specifications to ensure your event’s success.

Moreover, determine how the location can affect the number of possible attendees. Generally, choose a place that is easy to find, convenient, and has a great ambience.

Most importantly, reach out to expert event planners. Yas Business Events Team, for instance, can help you find the most suitable space and services, coordinate hotel rates, and even organise bespoke site visits so you can have a clearer vision of how the space will accommodate guests on the day of the event.

Promote your upcoming event

Event promotion comes in different forms, including paid ads and full-scale social media. Though it will depend on your budget, the purpose of marketing your event is to attract as many delegates as possible, whether you are hosting an internal or external event. Without guests, your event won’t be successful.

The most crucial thing to remember regarding promoting your event is to start as early as you can. As soon as you begin with the preparation, create a plan on how you should promote the event and consider automating it. This way, you won’t forget to market your event.

If no one is informed about your event, no one will register; thus, promotion is very crucial. Targeted email marketing is an excellent way of marketing your event, especially if you have a vast database. When possible, personalise your invites to increase attendance. You may also promote using free promotional channels, such as social media.

With world-class infrastructure and excellent support services, Abu Dhabi is indeed among the top venue options for business events. And to ensure a smooth, successful corporate gathering, plan it well. Use the tips mentioned earlier, and don’t hesitate to enlist the services of expert business event planners who can create a remarkable experience for all attendees.




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