Facilities management’s role in a digital age

January 21, 2022

The COVID-19 epidemic has been a catalyst for positive change. It has also highlighted the importance of paying attention to how services and facilities are managed. Every built environment, whether it is owned or leased, including warehouses, retail shops, manufacturing facilities and offices, requires careful planning.

Organizations may choose to employ professional, trained facility managers in order to promote health and well-being. The role of facility management software providers is becoming more important as they can offer long-term and strategic solutions for nature, with aspects like safety and hygiene increasing in importance.

The future of facilities management will be more sophisticated thanks to technology and shifting attitudes. Facility management software's role is changing from being just a record-keeping tool to becoming a platform that promotes safe work practices, quality and talent development.

The way that real estate functions and facilities work is changing due to digital technologies. Digital technologies have changed the way people work and how they live. The way that companies manage offices, homes, factories, warehouses and other properties will change as digital systems become more sophisticated and embedded in the workings of the organization's processes and workings. Companies can make data-driven decisions, and manage properties efficiently with digitized processes.

Digital shift

Occupants should establish their policies and thresholds for welcoming customers, employees, and visitors back into their offices or places of business as organizations prepare to reopen their workplaces. With more emphasis on workplace health and wellbeing, people are putting greater demands on the services and amenities provided by companies. FM providers need to work with clients to make the workplace more enjoyable and implement health and wellness initiatives.

Companies have had to restructure their soft services in order to maintain a supportive work environment after the Covid-19 pandemic. The digitization of facility management processes is becoming more important. This includes everything from moving in, servicing requests, maintenance, energy management, and customization. Facility managers need to use facility management software data to improve decision making, capital planning, and the employee and customer experience. Read more on key internet statistics.

Improved User Experience and Wellness

Organizations are putting more emphasis on health and wellbeing. This is why they are investing more in their employees' health and well-being. Wellness will be a top priority for every company. The expectations and experience of employees has been completely redefined by the pandemic. Employers and occupiers must demonstrate safety to their employees and ensure their safety over the long-term as they prepare to reopen their workplaces. Employers can demonstrate their support by taking tangible actions. Facilities managers are required to lead most of these wellness initiatives.

FM professionals are focused on providing wellness programs that increase productivity, attract talent, and lower the incidence of illness. Research shows that wellness programs can increase employee productivity by 10% on average. Workplaces must be able to accommodate diverse generations. FM providers need to balance the needs of different age group while ensuring the well-being for all.

The role of FM providers has become more strategic and longer-term, driven by a greater focus on user experience and business outcomes. FM providers are becoming more important in helping customers achieve their corporate goals. This is because they understand the importance of employee engagement and experience. Smart buildings are seen by clients as a way to improve the customer experience for employees. Technology and evolving attitudes are driving a greater sophistication in facility management. It's the people that play a more significant role.

The post-Covid-19 scenario would see a greater emphasis on services and activities that will facilitate employees' return to work. To assess and optimize their long-term business and portfolio positions, occupants should do a comprehensive review. This will help them to consider the potential changes in workplace strategy and future requirements. To plan and oversee the recovery of the entire portfolio, it is crucial to create a multidisciplinary task force that is centralized. FM providers and occupiers need to work together in order to find a balanced approach that increases resilience and offers a range of virtual and physical solutions that are based on business requirements.



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