First-time home-buyers; a guide to your first home purchase

January 18, 2022

It can be quite challenging to buy a house as a first-timer. There might be a lot of things that you miss while looking for a house. It is quite a big commitment and requires a lot of extra attention and effort on your part so that you get the house of your dreams. It is important not to get overwhelmed by small details and to figure out a strategy that will help you in making a good deal. We want to help you in getting the most out of your purchase, which is why we have tried to demystify this process. Here are some things you should consider before buying your first house.

Start saving at an early age

There are quite a few costs that you will need to cover when you buy a house. You will need to have enough money to cover your down payment, depending on the kind of lender and the mortgage that you get. There are a ton of conventional loans that give first-time homebuyers a lower rate of interest, but even so, a down payment is not that easy to save. You will also need to pay some money to finalise your mortgage, which will be 2-5% of your loan amount. Obviously, moving-in expenses will also be quite huge if you plan on getting some furniture for your place.

Check your credit score

Your credit score will be a major factor that will help you in buying a house. This will affect a lot of things for you, such as your mortgage and the interest that you will have to pay. Remember to pay all your bills on time, especially for your credit cards otherwise it will hurt your credit score. Try to keep your current credit lines open so that you use a smaller portion of your allowance. Keep a track of your credit from time to time and dispute any errors that you may see on it.

Get a real estate agent

It is important to choose a good real estate agent so that you know that your real estate needs will be looked after. Try to find someone who has good referrals and has options available in the areas that you like. Experts at First Star Realty services recommend interviewing your agent to see what kind of experience they have with first-time home buyers. Also, ask them how they plan on helping you buy a home and what is their plan of action.

Get the house inspected

Once you have selected a house, it is important to get it inspected before you sign the deal. If there are major issues such as structural or plumbing issues, you might have to renegotiate your offer so that you are not stuck with a ton of work left to do in the house. Also, make sure that you look for potential problems and check out the crawl spaces and the roof as well.

It is important to get your strategy right when you are planning on buying a home. Use this list to help you in navigating your way through this tough procedure.


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