Function of Yacht Connectors

January 19, 2022

Connectors present themselves as one of the most important parts of a heavy lifting system. They join different components together to ensure the system is working harmoniously. And so, like swivels and ropes, connectors must be sturdy to serve multiple purposes. Here are some of the uses of connectors in the heavy lifting industry and military.

Whether it is a fishing boat or a luxury yacht, there are several important components or parts that they have. The proper functioning of these boating parts is what drives efficiency and makes the boat safe. It is important to pay attention to the parts and ensure that they are being serviced regularly. If one of the parts is damaged, it can result in catastrophic results.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for top-quality connectors, be sure to visit Equiplite to get the best high-performing connectors.

They link ropes with load

Before lifting any heavy load, you must attach a connector that will connect the rope with the load. Heavy-duty connectors like NS-Connectors are fit for this purpose. These battle-hardened components are made of tough stainless steel to support heavy objects despite them being a few inches thick.

Linking rope to rope

Connectors are useful when you want to link rope to rope. Instead of tying a knot to connect two ropes or fix a broken piece, a connector will help you.

Using connectors to link two pieces is advantageous because the connector doesn't introduce weak points on the weight lift system. This, however, is not the case with knots. Knots are weak and often fail under intense stress.

For anchorage

Anchorage connectors provide means of securing heavy objects to a surface or a transport vessel for moving. In the military, they anchor down heavy guns, personnel carriers, and takers in 5M Super Galaxy planes.

Anchorage connectors are also useful in ships to secure containers on the deck. These types of connectors should be not only sturdy but also durable to secure in place containers weighing several tons.

Rescuing or descending

In any industrial operation, workers need to be carried around using ropes and connectors. Equiplite heavy-duty connectors can be adjusted to match descending or rescuing operations. An engineer will hook up a person to the connector instead of a load. The rope with the connector will then aid that person in descending from an elevated spot or rescuing people from a high-rise building.


High-quality, lightweight and durable connectors are often called upon when there are heavy objects to tow around. They are fitted on the rope at one end, and then the other end is tied to the object. A pulling mechanism is then used to move the object around.

Before finalizing the uses of connectors, here is a quick review on how to find the best connectors.

Consider quality

High-quality connectors are sturdy and durable. They will serve for a long time.


Lightweight connectors are suitable for the heavy lifting industry. They will not add weight to ropes or chains, making them more efficient.


Stainless steel connectors are not only rustproof but strong.  So, working with steel connectors is a wise idea.

Carrying capacity

Not all connectors are designed to carry the same weight. Find high-quality connectors that will match your needs.

Whenever you want to buy connectors, consider the quality and type of material used. Also, don't shy away from Equiplite experts. They are the best in this craft,



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