Have Window Blinds Gone out of Style?

January 9, 2022


Home design is important for many people. After all, it is the place where people spend much of their lives. No doubt you enjoy the comfort a home brings to you, and it is a place to entertain others as well.

Part of home design is window treatments. Largely these come down to curtains, drapes, or blinds. Some people like to leave their windows without treatments, but this is often only practical when living somewhere that offers privacy naturally. For example, on a private beach, or in a skyscraper.

For most folk though, window treatments are necessary for a number of reasons. Blinds offer a good solution in many ways, but are they a bit dated now, or are there solid reasons to use them in 2022?

How long have window blinds been around for?

Considering some form of curtains has been used since thousands of years BC, blinds are still quite modern.

According to the British Museum, the Venetian blind was patented in 1769. Despite the name of the blind, it was an Englishman called Edward Bevan who invented this particular version, not an Italian. It could well be the earliest example of a modern blind.

Since the 1700s, there have been numerous other types of blinds designed. The materials used, the style, and the patterns, can be wildly different from Mr. Bevan’s invention.

Are window blinds still fashionable?

It may be that blinds are sometimes viewed as being out of vogue due to their relationship with the office. There may be a sub-conscious connection between blinds in the home and the dullness of the workplace.

Yet, nothing could be further away from reality. There is a place for blinds in the home in 2022, perhaps more than ever.

These days, high quality blinds come in all manner of styles and do not need to represent those grey metallic blinds from offices of the past. They have practical uses around the home, as well as being able to add aesthetic value.

Here are a few of the best areas you can use blinds in your home today.

In the kitchen

One of the most practical places to install blinds is in the kitchen. If there is one room in the home that doesn’t need curtains, it is likely to be this one.

Installing flame retardant roller blinds is exactly what is needed in a room where there is the possibility of hot oil, and flames. PVC roller blinds offer an easy-to-clean solution for an area that experiences splashes and grease.

Wooden, or faux-wooden, Venetian blinds can offer style as well as practicality too.

The home office

Another area where practicality and style can meet. More and more Americans are allocating space in their homes for offices. According to Statista, there are around 34.7 million individuals in the US who could be working from home right now.

Setting up a practical working space at home requires good lighting. Blinds are not only fashionable in an office, but they are great for controlling the light.

Blinds can be set to allow precisely the right amount of light in and can help to reduce glare on the monitor. They also deliver privacy from the world outside.

Can blinds be used in the bedroom?

This is an area where perhaps blinds aren’t as popular. Nevertheless, there are some very topical reasons to use blinds in this room.

Light pollution has been making some noise in the media recently, and many individuals suffer from poor sleep due to this issue. As local governments start to switch street lighting to LEDs there is some concern over the level of light pollution they emit.

Therefore, blackout blinds might be the answer for anyone suffering from poor sleep patterns due to light pollution. If you don’t like the idea of this then knowing how to pair curtains and blinds together in your home may be useful. Combining both might provide the solution you require.

In the summer house

One thing that is very fashionable now is outdoor rooms. Summer houses, decking with roofing and walls, gazebos, and conservatories. Some of these rooms would work extremely well with blinds, and would certainly look in vogue.

In the living room

If there is one room where blinds are never out of date, then it is in the living room. If you are still wondering why choose vertical blinds for your home, then picture glass sliding doors leading to a patio or a pool, with vertical blinds shading the room partially from the sun outside.

The right type of blind in the living room can add style and transform the look of that area. Of course, Venetian blinds and rollers should be avoided if you are looking to be in fashion.


Blinds can still be associated with a certain era, perhaps the ‘80s when many people looked to ditch their curtains, but they are in style today.

Blinds offer privacy and practicality. But, when chosen wisely for the right areas, they can also offer a surprising amount of style.

Even though they date back to 1769, Edward Bevan’s invention and its followers remain fashionable today in the home and the office.





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