Here Is How To Choose The Right Cafe Umbrellas For Your Outlet

January 2, 2022

Imagine dining out on the patio of a cafe under the umbrella with the breeze kissing your cheeks and chirping sounds adding a rhythm to your beats. Sounds fascinating, right? We all want a tranquil place close to nature as we share a peaceful dinner or brunch with our loved ones, who doesn’t?

That's exactly why the concept of dining out is on the surge among customers these days. In the modern times, cafe owners usually tend to include a patio in their cafes. A perfect patio should be embellished with perfect furnishings. In this case, comes the need for perfect cafe umbrellas. Since a patio is an outside place, you need to ensure it is protected from weather conditions as a cafe owner.

If you're also a cafe owner and confused as to how to choose the right cafe umbrellas, then you're at the right place.

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  1. Determine the type and size of the umbrella

First and foremost, your job is to choose the right huge umbrella. First off, you need to measure the area of space you want to shadow and which type of cafe umbrellas will suit the ambiance of your cafe. Generally, a two feet umbrella is optimal to shade the dining area. The spread of umbrella should give a glare-free experience to the customers. In addition, the shape of the umbrellas should also match the table style of your cafe. Considering all such factors, you should buy an appropriate café umbrella for your café.

2. Sturdy support 

While you purchase umbrellas for your cafe, it is suggested that you order one that has sturdy, stable support to keep the umbrella in place as well. Purchasing unstable umbrellas In addition, the standing umbrellas need a well-built base than other table parts since they don't get support from the main table to stand intact. Therefore, determine the base weight you would need according to the different cafe umbrellas sizes. For instance, a 5 feet umbrella in diameter would need a 50 lbs or less weighted base.

3. Choose a shade that can withstand harsh weather conditions

It is imperative that before you finalize the purchase, ensure that the umbrella material can withstand any rain, shine, or fall. The fabric of the umbrella needs to be such that it is durable enough to stand long against any unpredictable conditions. It implies that every umbrella that can easily fade or mold or thin is out of consideration. The cafe umbrellas should be vinyl or canvas for the patio to resist the sun fade. Moreover, the Umbrella is the best fabric resistant to water & sun, gives UV rays protection, and is durable.

4. Pick up an easy to clean umbrella 

In the previous point, we already discussed that umbrellas in your cafe should be durable and be sturdy enough to withstand any weather condition. However, it doesn't mean that it can lay long like that, and you didn't have even to clean them up. It's evident since the cafe umbrellas are in the outer part, they will get dirty too. Therefore, select such an umbrella that is easy to clean up so that you don't have to deal with a headache to scrub the stubborn fabric later. For instance, Umbrellas made up of olefin or Coolaroo are quick to clean and wipe. Moreover, such umbrellas resist stains or molds, so you don't have to wipe them regularly.


At the end of the day, choosing the perfect cafe umbrellas is important to give your cafe perfect decor. For this, you must choose the same after considering several factors such as its size, type, style, sturdy base, and durable fabric.


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