Home Maintenance in the Pandemic: Parts or Systems to Prioritize

January 26, 2022


The COVID-19 crisis has compelled individuals and families to stay at home. If anything, it has led many households to value their houses now more than ever. That's why plenty of home improvement projects have surged during the pandemic.

It's good that the pandemic restrictions have now become lighter while vaccinated individuals have started going outdoors. But one thing has remained - many households continue to maintain and improve their properties. That's where home maintenance comes into the picture.

But with or without pandemic, regular upkeep is paramount in keeping your house in top shape and condition. In fact, some home systems and house parts need to get examined and maintained regularly. They also need minor or major repairs now and then.

That said, here are house parts or systems to prioritize for your home maintenance during this pandemic:

1. HVAC system

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is important in regulating your home temperature. It ensures that your house isn't cold during summer and warm during winter. Ultimately, it is instrumental in having a cozy home and keeping the whole household as comfortable as possible.

For this reason, it's vital to inspect and maintain your HVAC system at least twice a year. Be sure to check your furnace in spring and AC unit in fall. Get an HVAC tune-up to ensure your cooling and heating systems are working well. Ultimately, fix minor issues so that they won't escalate to extensive damages.

2. Plumbing System

Your plumbing system has two vital functions in a residential property. First, it ensures the proper distribution of water supply throughout your house. Second, it serves to dispose of wastewater properly. However, it can be subject to wear and tear, particularly the plumbing parts in your kitchen and bathrooms.

As such, your plumbing system requires constant upkeep. Be sure to have a thorough inspection, from all faucets to the drains to the pipes. Be wary of plumbing problems, such as inconsistent water supply, clogged drains, water leaks, and even burst pipes. If you can handle them yourself, contact a professional plumber for repair.

3. Electrical System

Your electrical system exists to power your residential property. It also serves to make your home appliances and electronic devices work. Think of having a power outage all day and how it can impact your household's day-to-day functions. Hence, keeping your electrical system in top shape and working condition is imperative.

For this reason, watch out for electrical issues such as cracks, soot, damaged electrical cords. Also, be wary of the overheating of home appliances and systems. Plus, don't forget to address fluctuating electricity. Ultimately, hiring a professional electrician for your electrical inspection, maintenance, and repair can make a world of difference.

4. Roofing and Gutter Systems

Your roofing system serves to protect your home and the whole household. It consists of durable materials that can withstand harsh outdoor elements and endure the test of time. Along with it is the gutter system, which serves to direct rainwater from the roof to proper drainage. Hence, both your roofing and gutter systems maintain the structural integrity of your property.

However, they can get damaged over time with constant exposure. Chances are, shingles get holed, curled up, displaced, and missing. Even the flashing, fascia, eaves, and soffits can also get damaged. The same is true for your gutters that get accumulated with leaves, pests, nests, and other debris. Hence, make sure to get your roofing and gutter systems inspected, cleaned, and fixed if necessary.

5. House Exterior

The last on the home maintenance list is your house exterior. For the most part, households pay attention to their house interiors for home improvement projects. However, they forget to give special attention to their house exterior. They fail to realize how it can boost their property's curb appeal and home value.

As far as home maintenance is concerned, start by getting a pressure washer for power-washing your house exterior. If that doesn't work, consider getting a house repainting. Also, you might want to consider new siding installation or repair if necessary. Ultimately, doing so will bring your residential property to life!

At this point, you now know what house parts or systems to prioritize for your home maintenance during this pandemic. Be sure to consider those outlined above, from your HVAC system to your electrical system to your house exterior.

That said, you can tackle these house projects yourself or work with professional contractors. Whatever your decision is, constant home maintenance can maintain your residential property and kick it up a notch.



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