How is Emerald Zoysia environment-friendly sod?

January 23, 2022


Emerald Zoysia sod has been in trend nowadays, and many people have started to use them for their lawns. With their increased usage, a common myth about them has started to revolve around them, and that is using Emerald Zoysia is not environment-friendly. When I say it is a myth, it is most definitely a myth. We don't know the exact origin from where the myth came but what we do know is that they are environment-friendly. The next thing that might also be coming into your mind is how that is.

If you want to know how it has no adverse effects on the environment, you must read this blog post till the end.

Emerald Zoysia is believed to emit more oxygen:

According to research done on emerald zoysia by scientists, it is believed that a square foot of this sod emits high levels of oxygen equal to a full-grown tree. Just imagine from this, that if such a small amount of sod produces such high levels of oxygen, how much benefit would it be for the environment. The amount of oxygen would be significant in a large area where the sod grass would have been implanted.

Sod requires less amount water:

Emerald Zoysia Sod does not need significant water to keep it lush and green. Though, if there are less than a year old plugs, you should water them periodically. Bi-weekly a thorough inch of water would suffice when the plugs are dormant. Therefore, don't water it more than an inch because that is unnecessary. Another thing we would like to add is that if you live in a rainy or snowy area that receives rainfall quite frequently, you would not even have to water those plugs bi-weekly as that rain or snow water would be sufficient for their growth. At Atlanta Sod Farms, we grow our sod by using a very small amount of water.

Emerald Zoysia Sod does not give weeds a chance to grow in them:

Weeds do not have a direct relation to affecting the environment. Rather affect it indirectly. Emerald Zoysia, rather than growing sideways, increases in density. The denser the sod, the fewer chances of weed to grow in it. The grasses that grow weed in them require chemicals to kill those weeds. Those chemicals are actually carcinogenic. After being applied to the sod, they end up in streams when rain falls on them. It pollutes the stream water and affects the habitat which might be living in it. So the toxicity gets in the food chain, which becomes difficult to eliminate. They do pollute not only the environment but also kill several aquatic animals.

The sod patch is low maintenance:

You may or may not know this thing, but sod patch requires really less maintenance. As we have already discussed above, it requires less water; similarly, it does not require any fertilizers. It needs fertilizers for its growth, but they should be applied during the growing season. Similarly, the sod takes a long time to grow. Therefore, it needs to be mowed as frequently, which reduces the number of mow clippings produced by this process.

Coming to the section of the most frequently asked questions about emerald zoysia will give you a better understanding of this sod.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How do you take care of zoysia grass seed?

If you want to keep your zoysia grass healthy and looking green, watering it regularly is the number one step to a lavish lawn. The best time to water the zoysia seed is preferably in the morning and before noon. If you water it during this time, it will allow the grass to dry before nightfall, significantly reducing its chances of attracting disease.

Q2: What is the best fertilizer to be used on the Emerald Zoysia Grass?

Only that fertilizer is fit to be used on the emerald zoysia grass, which has been specifically made for it. It will most probably be mentioned on the fertilizer packing that it can be used for this type of grass. However, avoid using fertilizer on your turf when wet to avoid burning the patch or any other kind of misshape.

Q3: How long can you let Zoysia go without mowing?

Zoysia can be left for weeks without mowing. You can allow it to go dormant during the dry spells and then forego fertilizing and weed control. It can tolerate poor growing conditions. However, this result will be a sub-par lawn that can create compound problems.

Q4: Which is better, zoysia emerald or zenith?

It depends entirely on the person's personal preference who is getting it installed in their house. Emerald can tolerate cold and hot temperatures, whereas the zenith withstands drought. Stress and winter temperatures are better than Emerald. It also has a fast-growing rate in comparison to it.


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