How Much Do Bathroom Fitters Charge?

January 11, 2022

Renovating your bathroom is a tedious job if you plan on using the traditional means. It usually requires substantial investment, and the chaos around the house is just too annoying. The good news is that bathroom fitters can do this job for you at a much affordable price and without much hassle.

If you contemplate renovating your bathroom, then opting for bathroom fitters would be wise. This innovative method does not require the removal of old tiles, showers or bathtubs. Overlay covering is done on such elements to give it a refreshed look.

Since this new method is yet to popularize, many are still unaware of the process. The final cost of bathroom fitters depends on the examination of your bathroom’s current predicament. Additionally, various other factors influence the quotation.

The coming sections elucidate the various costs associated with bathroom fitters.

The Installation Cost of Bathroom Fitters

On average, the installation cost of a bathroom fitter would start from 800 pounds for a bathroom in good condition. As per bathroom fitters Cambridge, the cost is always cheaper. You can save hundreds of pounds compared to replacement contractor costs.

However, if you have specific requirements and plans for renovation, the cost might vary.

For instance, the cost of a bathtub liner installation costs from 500 to 1000 pounds. Likewise, installing a new shower valve with anti-microbial qualities can cost anywhere from 3500 to 5000 pounds.

You can do the installation yourself, but only if you can avoid cracks or fractures. If the installation is not done properly, you risk mould development and pungent odours.

Bathroom fitters fitted by a local plumber guarantee proper installation. A licensed and experienced local plumber has the right tools, knowledge, and skills to do the job right. In that way, you can use your bathroom for many years without major problems.

Material Costs Associated with Bathroom Fitters

For renovating your bathroom using bathroom fitters, you will have to select various bathroom filters. The costs of the material can be either too expensive or too cheap, depending on your choice.

For example, when choosing the liners, you can either choose the cheapest or the most expensive. Fibreglass liners costs around 150 pounds, and the luxurious marble finish liners can cost about 1500 pounds. PCV vinyl liners come in the in-between category and may cost 200 to 400 pounds.

Consult a professional plumber to provide a rough estimate of the material cost range and installation cost. One plumber may quote you less but comes with surprise charges along the way. So, make sure to determine the coverage of the estimate.  

Many plumbing companies have good partnerships with the manufacturers. Hence, they can offer bathroom fitters at discounted prices. You might want to ask around and create a shortlist of brands, styles, and prices from trusted people you know and through credible online resources.

Other Factors Impacting the Final Cost

Bath fitter jobs are custom works, so it is not possible to simply estimate it by looking at your neighbour’s renovation cost.

You have the option to custom design the bathtub, select the colour for tiles or walls, and even go to the extent of adding minute detailing to the soap cases or towel rails.

All these costs would add up before you get the final quotation. However, certain factors directly impact the final cost. Take a note of these points to get a ball-park idea:

  • The size of your bathtub and the area of the wall panel directly correlate to the cost. The bigger the size, the higher the final cost.
  • Even the type of colour that you choose has a direct cost implication. Selecting from matte finish, shiny tones, faux marble, etc., would impact the final price differently.
  • If your bathroom condition is too bad (representing moulds, dirty patches, rusted pipes, etc.), your final cost will be higher. Similarly, if your bathroom is in good condition, you pay less for renovation.
  • Replacement of certain parts, if they are deemed non-useful, would attract more expense.
  • The more you accessorize, the higher would be the invoice. Selecting exquisite faucets, shower shelves, or soap cases would come at an additional cost.

The Verdict: Bath Fitter vs Replacement

If you are still confused with whether to use bath fitters or simply remodel your bathroom with replacement, then peruse the below comparison.

Cost Implication

It has been observed that the cost of bath fitters is relatively lesser compared to replacement in bathroom renovations.

For instance, consider the bathtub replacement cost.

First, you will have to purchase a new bathtub. Next, you need to remove the old one and do the tiling work again to cover the damage. Now, you need to fix the new bathtub. All this would escalate the labour cost and would consume more time.

Alternatively, using a bath fitter would cost you a lot less since it would only require covering the old bathtub.

The Durability Factor

One of the major advantages of using bath fitters for bathroom renovation is the warranty factor. Most fitters use PVC vinyl or acrylic bath liner, both known for durability.

Moreover, if you face any issues with them, your warranty covers the expenses, while unlike in renovation, it would depend on the individual manufacturer. Using bathroom fitters is a long-term solution to renovating a bathroom.

Convenience Factor

Using bathroom fitters can save you time, energy, and money. You can hire an experienced plumber to install your bathroom fitter in one day. Just imagine the cost, mess, and stress of a major bathtub replacement. You need to remove the old tub and buy an expensive one. In addition, you need to think of how to get rid of the old one. Thus, if you want the easiest and fastest way to renovate your bathroom, consider the services of bathroom fitters.


Bathroom fitters offer innovative and smart solutions to your bathroom renovation. You can enjoy the benefits of refreshed look using the latest offering, which you are unlikely to gain from replacement.


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