How to Buy a House that a Celebrity Would Buy?

January 19, 2022

Benefits of Buying a Lake House (Like Celebrities Do)

Have you ever imagined owning a house by the lake with incredible views and no one around for miles?

Well, stars are certainly like to buy such houses; they have all reasons to love privacy. Nicole Kidman switched the famous Byron Bay to a small village near Sydney when deciding to buy a house in Australia. A modest location (which cannot be said about the house itself — it takes up 45 hectares). Quiet. Peaceful. Celebrities have good taste when it comes to buying property in Vienna, Paris, Sydney, or any other popular destinations — around big cities, buzzing with noise, cheer, and constant activity.

If we were to exclude the privacy issues they’re facing — why? What are the benefits of buying a cabin near the lake?

Life within Nature

Buying a lake house does not only mean that you will have a lake under the window. You will hear nature — the way it changes — throughout the seasons. Birds coming back from warm countries, singing in the woods, and enjoying clear water. Sounds of fish swimming in the lake in the summer. In winter, you can even skate if the lake freezes.

You can even grow a garden nearby, and get a harvest in the autumn. Gardening is a wonderful way to get back the connection to your labor, pour in the hard work, and see its results. People so rarely get that in the modern world. It’s also good if you’re anxious about what’s happening with climate change: even growing a tree can help the environment — can help you feel better about the way you interact with the planet.

Think about it: when was the last time you’ve paid attention to the way the world — so large and full of life — moves, evolves, grows around you? That’s what living outside of the city will give you.

Relaxing Setting

Do you think that it is impossible to live without annoying neighbors and city bustle? Are you really a fast-paced, always-moving-somewhere person — or is it just the tempo of the city is sweeping you through the weeks? You don’t even need to move to the lake house as soon as you buy it. Rent it out for the weekend and understand — be reminded of — what it’s like to think and feel when there isn’t so much of everything around you. You would likely want to keep that reprieve.

In 2022, people ask themselves for so much: we have to grind, do more, be more productive. It’s not healthy for our minds and bodies — and getting away from as many sources of this anxiety to work more hours is taking proper care of both. For that, you need a place to do all that, and a lakehouse is a good option because it already provides you with a change of perspective,

Physical and Mental Health Boost

We are all now experiencing an era of information overload. And the level of stress is constantly growing. Psychologists advise being out in nature to reduce it — even looking at photos of seas, forests, mountains, lakes bring people to peace. Imagine how well you’ll feel when you’ll live among all that.

Future Possibilities

Do you consider yourself a sporty person? If you do, the lakefront house is a treasure for you. You can enjoy fishing with friends, going on a boat, swimming, playing water polo or volleyball. Morning runs around the lake, yoga on the shore, fresh air every day when you take your coffee on the veranda… Plus, imagine the surprise of your friends when you suddenly invite them to a barbecue with a sleepover. You can even get a projector and watch a few movies under the open sky! (Although, be prepared that your guests will visit much more often when you buy a lake house.)

Source of Inspiration

If you are creative, love to draw, sing, or write, the lake house is a source of endless inspiration: pure nature and all that. Many famous artists have created their masterpieces inspired by nature. Don’t hesitate if you have the opportunity to be near water, breathe more easily, and rest from the constant hurry. It can be a place of strength, inspiration, and recovery.

If you’re not that into taking inspiration from nature, though, consider this: it’s quiet. You’ll find more opportunities to be less distracted and hear what’s happening in your own head clearly.

Buying a Lake House

Summing up the whole bunch of advantages of buying a lakehouse, it is always a profitable investment. And everyone will find something for themselves in it. For some, the idea of swimming every day in the summer will be attractive. Someone will take a needed getaway for mental health. And someone will finally write that book, right? Don’t hesitate in making a decision that has the potential to change your life for the better.


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