How to create a home office space within any area of your home

January 21, 2022

With the rise in demand and popularity of remote workers, employees working from home are attempting to find the most suitable place to set up their at-home workspace, and this can often be quite challenging. Working from your bed or bedroom space can sometimes be downright demotivating particularly as your headspace can struggle to differentiate between relaxation mode and work mode when this is all being carried out within the one environment.

Often, remote workers avoid spending bucks on renovation and repair of their homes as it is costly. However, in some countries such as Australia renovation that is part of your home office can be filed as work from home tax deduction. So, it's best to know what tax return items can you file later on to make your own home working space conducive for better productivity. However, if you have limited space within your house, establishing an office space can be a difficult process. Here we will present you with some options on how to easily fit an office space in areas you may have never considered.

Utilise wall space with a pull-down wall desk

One of the simplest ways to create an office environment within a smaller space, in particular, is to attach a pull-down desk to a wall. We would advise placing this within a hall, bedroom, or even your kitchen space, and ensure that there is enough surrounding space to place a chair. The benefit of a pull-down desk is how compact it is. The desk can simply be pulled down whenever required and folded up at the end of your working day, and alongside this, floor space is not dominated by a desk. The only downside to this home office space is the limited surface space, however, if you have storage facilities for files and documents or strictly work from a laptop, this setup would be perfect for you.

Shelving under a window

Another compact office space arrangement is to simply place shelving under a window to act as the perfect desk space. The benefit to this design is the lighting that will project onto your office area. Natural light has actually been proven to benefit employees as it increases engagement, productivity, and mood, resulting in a greater overall output. This idea is perfect if your home portrays darker areas and colour schemes, and can be extremely easy to set up as it simply requires fixing sturdy shelving onto a free wall.

Garden home office space

Perhaps you don’t preferably enjoy being a remote worker however, the choice to work within your employer's office is out of your control due to current pandemic legislation. If you are looking to take a trip outside of the house to break up your work-from-home routine, it may be wise to create a garden office building. This can be developed in the form of a log cabin or shed structure and can be improved through correct construction and professional electrical installation, to connect to WiFi, and use different electronic devices such as smart speakers, electronic coffee machines, and smart TVs. To make use of space within your office, ensure that if you have a TV that you fix this onto one of the walls. Click here for TV wall mounting services.

Loft home office space

If you have ever intended on conducting a loft conversion, now is the time to do so as you know that it will be used consistently! Quite commonly, homeowners convert their loft spaces into a room space and then continue to use it as a loft space by filling it with clutter and old, unused belongings. This completely defeats the purpose of the conversion in the first place. If your office environment resides within this space, you know that it will at least be used for one purpose, work. This idea is perfect if you have children or pets and require an office space that secludes you from any form of distraction. Reverting to the benefits of natural light, we would ensure installing a roof window that will allow natural light to project into the room, otherwise, the space may feel compact due to the wall structure of the loft.

Cupboard/wardrobe desk area

Here is another brilliant idea for those working with a smaller scale home space, and this project kills two birds with one stone as it creates a work environment as well as declutters and organises your storage facilities. Simply choose a large cupboard or wardrobe space within your home and dedicate all of it or half of it to your new work setup, dependent on the size of the area. This will require disposing of, donating, or even selling old unused belongings that no longer serve a purpose and fixing a desk or shelving to create a work surface for laptop. This idea is great as your work is essentially kept within storage when it is not needed, meaning that overall clutter is reduced. Now, all that you will require is a small chair, preferably foldable or compact, that can remain within the space alongside the desk. Either way, this desk space is perfect for those who want to avoid any form of clutter or misarrangement.


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