How to Pick a Coffee Table Shape to Go With Your Sofa

January 2, 2022

A coffee table is the second important furniture piece after the sofa in your living room. It will

important that your coffee table will blend best with the sofa along with its practical use such as placing drinks or having some books on it. There are so many different types of coffee tables in the market that vary in size, style, and materials they are made up of, and color.

Sometimes it becomes much difficult to choose one perfect coffee table from many good choices for your living room. This article includes an important guide which will help you a lot while choosing and buying a coffee table. We will discuss coffee tables of different shapes along with the guide on how they tie with sofa of varying shapes. So you will be able to decide the best matching coffee table with a sofa for your living room.

Basics of selecting a coffee table that fits best:

There are some general rules while selecting a coffee table. These include the length and height of the coffee table.

Height of coffee table:

It is better if you choose coffee table height as same of your sofa but it is not necessary. You can choose a coffee table of height 3-4 inches

less or more of your sofa height. If the coffee table is more tall or short as compared to the sofa height, it won’t look good at all.

Length of coffee table:

Choose the length according to available space. There must be a good walk area between the sofa and the coffee table. While choosing the coffee table, select the length of the coffee table you will easily put in the center of the area you have.

Coffee table for standard-size sofa:

The standard sofa is flexible since it has a lot of options for a coffee table to go with. You can choose any shape and simply put it in the center of a standard sofa. The length of the coffee table you choose must be two-thirds of your sofa. Below is the list of coffee tables that fits well with your standard sofa.

1. Square Hamptons coffee table:

Two square Hamptons coffee tables put side by side in front of the standard sofa. Two square sofas instead of one are recommended by a stylist. As square coffee table looks small for a standard sofa and looks awkward. Two Hamptons square coffee tables beautifully balance the length of the square coffee table and that of your standard sofa.


2. Hamptons style round coffee table:

Hamptons style round coffee table is known to be the most versatile shape coffee table and goes with any style of your sofa whether your sofa is standard, a sectional, or a chaise sofa, this round coffee table will tie best with any of the sofa shapes. The one thing to keep in mind is the length, it must balance with the length of the sofa. Also, round coffee tables bear less space as compared to other shapes so consider two round Hamptons coffee tables as in the case of square coffee tables. Or the other option is to put side tables for some extra space.


3. Rectangular Hamptons coffee table styling:

This shape of the coffee table ties well with your standard sofa. This Hamptons coffee table styling provides much surface for people sitting on a standard-size sofa. It is not wrong if I say this rectangular shape coffee table is the standard shape coffee table for a standard-size sofa. It will always go best with your sofa.

4. White Hamptons coffee table:

Hamptons coastal coffee table is a coastal interior theme coffee table. White Hamptons coffee table fits best in your Hamptons. It is a simple yet elegant square coffee table and is best for practical use also. Having four drawers and a bottom shelf allows space for storage and decorative displays for your favorite books. Hampton coffee table styling beautifully fills the space of your living room.


5. Black Hamptons coffee table:

A simple black Hamptons coffee table looks wonderful with a standard-size sofa in your living room. Black colors also increase the beauty of the living room. Also, a black coffee table get fits any color of your standard-size sofa.


Final lines:

There is a variety of styles, sizes, and colors of coffee tables beside the above-listed coffee table styles. If you are not sure what style and size of coffee table suit your sofa, our designers are here to help you out in choosing the best coffee tables and other furniture pieces for your living room.




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